Meghan Markle’s Personal Assistant Resigns, Causing Chaos For Royal Family

Michael BradleyGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s personal assistant has suddenly quit, and it’s causing an uproar in the royal family. Melissa (her last name has not been released) has been working for the Duchess of Sussex since before the royal wedding back in May, but she has exited the prestigious position in less than a year.

Express is reporting that Melissa “played a role” in the “Markle debacle,” the insider’s name for the chaos caused by Meghan Markle’s father Thomas and her half-sister Samantha.

A Kensington Palace source says that the departure has been surprising. “It’s a real shock. Why would she want to leave such a prestigious job so soon?” The same source added that Melissa has been doing a great job. “Melissa is a hugely talented person. She played a pivotal role in the success of the Royal Wedding.”

Melissa isn’t being bad-mouthed for leaving, but there seems to be a lot of confusion about why she would leave a position where she was so well-liked. “She will be missed by everyone in the Royal Household.”

Royal watcher Robert Jobson says that he believes that Prince Harry’s short temper is what led to the departure. Jobson, whose new book, Charles at Seventy examines the life of the heir to the throne, says that the Duke of Sussex has been known to yell at the palace staff, calling him “petulant and short-tempered.” “Raising his voice on occasion, Harry would insist: ‘What Meghan wants, she gets’.”

Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Markle’s former agent, says that in the months leading up to the royal wedding, Duchess Meghan was a bit of a Bridezilla, dismissing people who didn’t see things her way.

Some are finding it curious that Melissa is departing just after the rumor broke about Queen Elizabeth warning Prince Harry about marrying Markle over an alleged tiara tantrum. The story goes that Meghan Markle was denied her first choice for a tiara for her royal wedding and she was not pleased, according to insiders. “Meghan had her heart set on this tiara with emeralds and Prince Harry hit the roof when they were told it was impossible for her to wear it.”

Vanity Fair explains that the Duchess of Sussex’s first choice was an emerald tiara that likely has links to Russia, and Queen Elizabeth said no. Prince Harry tried arguing her case, and the queen set him straight. “She gets what tiara she’s given by me.” Mic drop by Queen Elizabeth.

It’s unclear if the leak of the tiara story or Prince Harry’s temper is what led to Melissa’s departure, but the Duchess of Sussex is indeed without a personal assistant at this time.