Model Bella Hadid Mourns The Loss Of Homes In Malibu Due To Woolsey Fire And Sends A Heartfelt Message

In the wake of the raging fire that destroyed many houses and expensive celebrity mansions in California, model Bella Hadid took to Instagram and mourned the loss of homes that were engulfed by the flames.

According to a news report by the BBC, thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes in Thousand Oaks and towns situated to its west including Malibu, Calabasas, and the western edge of Los Angeles because of the Woolsey Fire.

Per the report, nine people have been killed by the fire while 150,000 homes have been evacuated so far. The report detailed that "west of Los Angeles, the Woolsey Fire jumped a major highway and headed into coastal areas, including the town of Malibu where some homes are ablaze." It further added that because of the strong winds, both fires are moving at a fast speed.

Bella Hadid posted several pictures of the disastrous event that destroyed the beautiful town where Bella attended her high school. She wrote that she can't believe that the town -- which has a thriving community living there for more than 30 years -- is turning into ashes and expressed that she feels very "emotional looking at these photographs taken in the past two days."

The model -- who is currently in New York with her sibling, Gigi Hadid, for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 that took place on Thursday -- said that she feels helpless to see the condition of Malibu and other affected towns because of the "psychotic fire."

"My heart is so broken, I am so sorry to every single person that lost their homes, and I hope we can come up with something very soon to help."
She also showed her concerns about the stranded animals in Malibu which are being brought to beaches because there is no other place to evacuate them, and thanked the firefighters who are working very hard to evacuate people from their homes.

"You are so incredible, we salute you!" she said.

Followers shared Bella's concern and sent prayers and best wishes to the affected people and their houses.

"Awful news, but wonderful how you're sharing love, information and solutions. Thank you!" one person commented on the post.

"Devastating. Sending prayers to all," another person wrote.

Some followers, however, weren't concerned and criticized "rich people" for making a "fuss," adding that they have enough money to rebuild their houses. One person also criticized Bella for not posting her sympathies for the 12 people who were recently killed in a busy bar by an ex-Marine with mental health issues, per the BBC.

"So sad.... even more sad!!! 12 people shot dead in a country bar in Thousand Oaks. Where's your post for that?? Trees will grow back, homes will be rebuilt... those people are gone forever. Celebrities make me sick!!!!!! Go to hell!"