Bachelor Nation Reacts As News Spreads That The Show’s Mansion Was On Fire

Paul HebertABC

Earlier today, there were reports that the Bachelor Mansion was in danger of being burned down due to the fires in the area. And now, fans are learning that the mansion has indeed sustained damage so far, detailed Us Weekly Magazine.

“There was no one at the house at the time it caught on fire. The part of the house that was used for the production offices has burned down … The whole back house is burned down and it traveled up to the backyard.”

The source believes that the main house will be saved, while the second structure is “completely destroyed.”

The show’s creator and producer, Mike Fleiss, tweeted, “Pray for Malibu— and #TheBachelor Mansion…” Unfortunately some people took offense to Mike mentioning the mansion, as some said that “This is a terrible take in the face of a natural disaster,” while another said, “This is disgusting- pray for ALL the families in the area who are fleeing, scared, and in danger of losing their homes and schools.”

Fleiss later clarified with a straightforward post, blasting the haters.

“What part of ‘pray for Malibu’ confuses you idiots. I live in Malibu! My heart is broken. Go f*ck yourselves!”

Even then, users had some criticism.

“Something tells me you have the means to rebuild,” one person said.

“This is heartbreaking!! The @BachelorABC mansion is burning. The end of an era. #CaliforniaFires,” another fan noted.

“The Bachelor mansion is a national treasure, we can’t let it burn down,” a fan tweeted.

In addition to Fleiss, ABC’s head of reality programming, Rob Mills, tweeted in response to the fires.

“Thinking of the people of Malibu and yes #TheBachelor Mansion is in grave danger as well,” he said, according to Page Six.

Meanwhile, many people sent their prayers, while many people also took a moment to acknowledge all of the people who are being affected by the fires, including those in the Thousand Oaks area.

Plus, many fans also learned today that there is a family that lives in the mansion year-round, only leaving to allow the show to complete its taping. So while there were no contestants affected by the fire, the Haradan family owns the mansion and have sustained damage to their home, described TV.

So far, it appears that the fire’s had the biggest impact in Paradise with about 27,000 residents, where the fire has reportedly burned “most” of the town, according to CBS News. In addition, another 157,000 people have been forced to evacuate across the state. The evacuations have hit many Hollywood celebrities with homes in affected areas, including Malibu, an upscale part of the state with about 13,000 residents.

The death toll has risen to nine so far, which were all attributed to the Camp Fire in Northern California. Some have had to escape the fire by foot, abandoning their cars on the road.