Krystal Nielson Displays Body Transformation In Red Bra & Spandex Shorts On Instagram

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Krystal Nielson is a fitness fanatic, so much so that she teaches her own courses in getting fit and eating healthy. She took to Instagram to show off her own transformation in the past month, and the changes are noticeable. The first photo was taken on October 8, while the second one was taken on November 9. In both pictures, Krystal wore a red Victoria’s Secret bra and some small, spandex shorts.

It looks like Nielson lost some weight and gained muscle all throughout her body. Fans praised her for the transformation, while some complained that she looked great to begin with. One fan let her know, “Wowww Krystal!!! You were already thin, but now you’re so lean and muscular!!!! D*mnnn.”

The TV star also shared her tips for achieving her new look in the captions.

“Just wrapped up Round #2 of TBG LIVE!!!! My GG’s (aka Glitter Gang) inspired me SO MUCH with their transformation photos that I wanted to share my own!!! I knew I felt leaner but when I compared my progress side-by-side I was blown away!!! Have a plan, work with a mentor and surround yourself with support and community and you can succeed in ANY GOAL!!!!”

Nielson previously shared the results of her fitness program by choosing one of her participants for a “before” and “after” picture. The girl in question looked much leaner and more muscular in her “after” photos, which likely helped spur interest in her program.

Krystal also shared several Instagram stories including one where she showed off her new manicure, where she chose a gray color that she’s never done before. She also elaborated on how nutrition was very important to her transformation, and promoted her “Total Body Guide.” And for people who would prefer hands-on guidance, they can sign up for her program, “TBG Live.”

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Planning my meals ahead and prepping at home was a COMPLETE GAME CHANGER in transforming my body and energy!!! . This made it easy for me to cut out processed and refined sugars which were making my hormones whacky, Unbalanced and not supporting my metabolisms full potential to burn fat and build lean muscle. ???? . Clean eating doesn’t have to be hard! Neither does exercise. It’s the meaning we attach that determines if we are successful or not. So CHOOSE to do things that are good for your body because you love and respect it and want to support its ability to actualize it’s full potential. Exercise and clean eating WILL become a habit and the it’s just your lifestyle. ❤️ . Post below some of the hurdles you face with nutrition and exercise and I’ll comment back with solutions! ???????????? . Ps- I did a story for you guys on how I prep one of my favorite lemon, garlic chicken recipes using a crockpot- SO EASY! ????

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Things appear to be moving along nicely for Krystal, who recently reminisced about her journey to get to where she is now. In another post, she went into detail about how her car broke down on the way to L.A. from Boise, Idaho and how she thought it might be a sign that she should turn around. However, she continued on and would eventually land on The Bachelor during Arie’s season. Later on, Krystal showed up at Paradise, where she met her fiance, Chris Randone. The two are reportedly moving in together soon, and the wedding is likely coming soon also.