‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman Scores Scripted TV Show About Her Single Life In The City

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Andi Dorfman is headed back to TV — sort of. The former Bachelorette star will be represented by a “great” actress in a new television show based on her 2018 book, Single State of Mind. The 31-year-old ABC reality star shared the big news with Entertainment Tonight, although she was careful not to spill all of the details just yet.

“We’re actually turning the second book, Single State of Mind, into a TV show, so it’s not the last you’ll see of it,” Dorfman said of the follow-up to her 2016 tell-all, It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After. “The lawyer in me is very quick to not say anything, but yeah, we’re getting there.”

The Bachelorette beauty also made it clear that there is no way she wants to play herself in the TV adaption of her book. In fact, another actress has already been chosen for the role.

“That was my number one rule: if we ever turned this into a TV show, my only rule is I don’t want to be in it.”

Dorfman declined to name the actress that has been cast to play her on the series, but she described the star as “great,” adding, “I’m excited for her to play me. She’s awesome.”

Andi Dorfman first appeared on ABC’s The Bachelor in 2014, where she famously broke up with leading man Juan Pablo Galavis. She went on to find love with Josh Murray on The Bachelorette, but the relationship eventually ended. Dorfman detailed her bad Bachelor Nation experiences in It’s Not Okay, then penned the Single State of Mind follow-up. The latter book details her single life in the Big Apple, a la “Sex and the City for the reality TV generation.”

While fans will be sure to tune in to see Andi’s single stories play out on TV, the former assistant district attorney is hesitant to watch.

“I don’t know if I can even watch! I’ve watched too much of my life unfold!”

Andi Dorfman previously told Us Weekly that she never planned to write a book, but after her very public breakup with Murray, she kept a diary that spawned her first manuscript. Dorfman described her former fiancé Murray as “emotionally abusive” in her book, and she accused him of shaming her for sleeping with runner-up Nick Viall in The Bachelorette fantasy suite. Murray later described Andi Dorfman’s first book as “pure fiction,” while Viall told E! News what Dorfman wrote about him was mostly true, although he admitted he still wasn’t a fan of the book.

“It’s not my favorite book,” Viall said. “I’m in it a little bit. I don’t know Andi to be the most honest person. What Andi does is she has a tendency of omitting information. That being said, the things that are written about me, as far as like the events that happened and things that were said, a large part of it did happen, so I can’t say that it’s a fictional book. It might be missing some information, but a lot of the things she wrote about did happen.”

Speaking of Viall, he’s curating a bit of an acting resume himself after finding — and losing — love yet again as leading man on The Bachelor. If Andi Dorfman’s new series could turn out Viall for a role, it would be must-see TV.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette air on ABC.