Emily Ratajkowski Stuns In Jaw-Dropping Post Wearing White Bikini Swimwear

When it comes to the world of modeling, Instagram is the new frontier. And very few models on the social media website do it better than Emily Ratajkowski, whose posts garner her hundreds of thousands -- and sometimes millions -- of likes every time that she publishes something new.

Ratajkowski shared another image of herself on Friday, wearing a bikini bottom from her swimline brand Inamorata -- and it will doubtless garner many positive reviews from those who witness it.

In the recent Instagram post which she published, Ratajkowski's body faces in the opposite direction, inclined toward a staircase on what appears to be an outdoor patio deck. Her torso is turned slightly toward the camera behind her, with her head looking over her left shoulder as she stares toward the camera lens.

Wearing a white tank top and with her hair let down, all attention is focused on her figure below the waist. Wearing a thong-bikini bottom from her clothing line, the white swimsuit is tied up on her left side -- and leaves little to the imagination.

Ratajkowski penned a short description of her Instagram posting. "Goin awwfff," she wrote. "Next week @inamorataswim," she added, drawing attention toward the brand that she launched in 2017, according to reporting in Harper's Bazaar.

Besides posting images of herself on Instagram, Ratajkowski has been busy in other ways, including voicing her opinions on political topics. The model and actress explained in a recent interview that her body, which she said many made her feel shameful over at a young age, drove her to embrace feminism.

"Honestly, it all started with bοοbs," Ratakjowski said, per previous reporting from the Inquisitr. "I developed very early and, you know, a lot of people were making me feel ashamed of my body."

In the same interview, she credited her mother with giving her confidence to show off her body -- and to embrace an attitude that helped her dismiss her naysayers.

"I had a very awesome mom — shoutout to all the awesome moms — and she was just, like, screw them. You don't need to apologize for anything. Wear whatever you want, your body is your body."
Her dedication to feminism was observable in the public eye early last month. During the final days of the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Ratakjowski -- along with actress Amy Schumer -- was arrested during a protest outside of the Supreme Court building, according to reporting from NBC News at the time.