November 9, 2018
Robin Roberts May Have Let Slip Carrie Underwood's Baby Gender Live On 'GMA'

Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher have kept mum when it comes to the gender of their second child, though One Country reports that Good Morning America's Robin Roberts may just have revealed all when pregnant Carrie and fellow country star Brad Paisley made an appearance on the ABC morning show on November 9.

The two country music superstars stopped by the show's New York Times Square studio to promote the 2018 CMA Awards, which they're once again hosting together on November 14, when Robin may have accidentally revealed the gender after co-host Michael Strahan playfully pushed Carrie to do a gender reveal live on the show.

After Michael referred to the 2014 awards show in which Brad "accidentally" revealed the gender of Underwood and Fisher's first child together during a skit, the host asked the duo if there are any plans to do the same once again this year.

"Are we going to have a gender reveal this time around?" he asked the duo, to which Paisley admitted that he doesn't yet know what his co-host is having before joking that she's been "taking great pains" to make sure he doesn't find out and let it slip to the world.

"Right now I'm so in the dark. She knows better. I'll blow it again," Brad teased, to which Carrie playfully added, "I'm not telling Brad."

Strahan then urged the "Cry Pretty" singer to reveal all, quipping, "Well since [Brad] might blow it then, instead of doing it then, do you want to maybe do it now?"

But Carrie clearly wasn't ready to reveal her unborn child's gender to the world just yet, as she stayed tight-lipped and replied, "I'm not even sure we've really told all our family and stuff."

However, it was Robin who may have accidentally let out more than she bargained for, as she then referred to Underwood's unborn baby as "little guy" when presenting the American Idol Season 4 winner with a few gifts for the baby and her son, 3-year-old Isaiah.

"This is for the little guy," Robin told Carrie, seemingly suggesting she could be expecting a baby boy before then correcting herself by adding, "little whoever is coming."

But while it's not clear if Roberts' "little guy" reference was just a slip of the tongue or a hint at a boy, as the Inquisitr previously reported, it was speculated earlier this month that Underwood and Fisher, who married back in 2010, are actually expecting a baby girl.

Robin Roberts could have revealed pregnant Carrie Underwood's baby gender
Getty Images | Jason Kempin

People claimed that those closest to Underwood and her husband have allegedly been speculating recently that they're expecting a baby girl after she told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in September that they've already found out the sex.

"Everyone is super hoping for a girl and there's a lot of speculation that it's going to be a girl," a source told the site.

The insider also hinted that despite Carrie and Brad playing coy during their appearance on Good Morning America, the singer's inner circle have been "wondering if she'll 'accidentally' announce the sex again at the CMA Awards" like she did four years ago.

The twosome's appearance on the morning show came shortly after the Inquisitr reported that Brad joked Carrie could potentially go into labor during the awards.