Beto O’Rourke’s Odds Of Winning 2020 Presidential Race Skyrocket On Betting Sites

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Beto O’Rourke’s odds of ascending to the White House two years from now have surged since Election Day, thereby making the Texas representative one of the more enticing bets for the 2020 presidential election on online betting sites.

Market Watch reports that U.K. gambling website Betfair had O’Rourke’s chances of toppling President Trump at 400-to-1 prior to massive turn out giving him 48.3 percent of the Lone Star State’s vote on Tuesday, November 6. However, in the days that have passed since his narrow loss to incumbent Ted Cruz, a #Beto2020 hashtag has taken off and the El Paso native’s presence on the national stage has only magnified to “Beto-mania” proportions. Now Belfair has O’Rourke’s odds of launching a successful bid for the Oval Office at 10-to-1, which far surpasses Cruz’s 109-to-1 odds and places him second to only Sen. Kamala Harris, who is an 8-to-1 favorite, amongst the site’s pool of candidates from both parties.

According to the online betting aggregator OddShark, O’Rourke’s odds are even sweeter, SF Gate reports. When combining data from such sites as Bovada and Coral with that which has been collected from Betfair, he finds himself in a dead heat with Sen. Harris. They are now co-favorites atop the field with parallel odds of +1000.

Some of the pool’s other notable contenders are Vice President Mike Pence, Obama administration V.P. Joe Biden, ex-U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker. OddShark has Sen. Sanders coming in right behind the O’Rourke-Harris tandem, with +1200 odds of taking it to Trump. He is followed by Biden at +1400, and then it’s Sen. Warren and Sen. Booker who are neck and neck with odds at +2000.

As was the case with Barack Obama in lead up to his historical run in 2008, O’Rourke shot onto the scene as a gifted orator with an infectious passion that captured the moment for droves of young voters. And much like Obama’s campaign, that spirit would translate into a massive fundraising effort that saw him pull in a senatorial record $38.1 million in one quarter alone. This, in spite of the fact that O’Rourke opted to forego contributions from political PACs and corporate interest groups.

The question that now looms over O’Rourke is what he plans to do in the immediate future seeing how his term in the House of Representatives expires at the end of the year. Whenever asked about the prospects of him taking on the big race for president, he’s rejected the idea flat out. But the primary season will be upon the nation sooner than many might care to realize, and with all of the momentum O’Rourke is carrying at this moment, the pressure is definitely on from the millions who are hopeful that he will have a change of heart.