‘Big Brother’ Star Christmas Abbott Promises To Share The ‘Truth’ Behind The Story Of Her Arrest

Cliff LipsonCBS

Christmas Abbott is speaking out after her arrest, just one month after she gave birth to her first child, Loyal Atticus. The Big Brother alum, who made her way to third place in the 19th season of the CBS reality show despite a serious foot injury, took to her Instagram story to post a comment after she was arrested in Florida for an alleged incident at a Tampa CrossFit gym when she was eight months pregnant.

“Today is a new day,” Abbott, 36, said as she snuggled her little boy and kissed his head. “I can officially say I’m yesterday’s news.”

Abbott also shared more detail about her arrest for criminal mischief, hinting that fans were missing some key information about the altercation that led to her turning herself in to police, per Us Weekly.

“There are lies & truth to every story & I’ll share mine when I’m ready. Until then, I am being proactive with taking care of my responsibilities to have this matter solved. I’m focused on providing for Loyal & recovering from a very emotionally challenging pregnancy & difficult delivery. Being a single mother is challenging enough without the world having an opinion on a situation they know nothing about.”

Christmas Abbott also tagged several media outlets in her post, including Us, Entertainment Tonight, the Hollywood Reporter and E! News.

Abbott, who shares baby Loyal with ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Bunn, was arrested on November 6 on a felony charge of criminal mischief after she turned herself in to authorities, but she was released one hour later on her own recognizance.

Us Weekly obtained a police report which stated that the CrossFit guru “rammed another vehicle multiple times” after arguing with Bunn’s new girlfriend in August. The police report states that a pregnant Christmas Abbott showed up at the gym to confront Morse about her relationship with Bunn.

“[Abbott] came to the gym to confront her child’s father’s romantic partner. Once there, she threw a coffee cup and caused a scene. The suspect entered her Mercedes-Benz SUV and proceeded to ram the victim’s vehicle twice. This caused over $5,000 worth of damage to the victim’s vehicle.”

An officer at the scene revealed that Abbott broke down and admitted she just “lost it'” after the incident.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Christmas Abbott allegedly freaked out on Morse, calling her names such a “pathetic home-wrecking little slut.”

According to Radar Online, Samantha Jane Morse told police Abbott confronted her at the gym when she was drinking an iced coffee and demanded to know if Bunn, the father of her child, had purchased the beverage for her. Abbott, also allegedly asked if Morse was in an intimate relationship with Bunn, but Morse refused to answer. Morse alleged that an angry Christmas Abbott got into her Mercedes SUV and repeatedly rammed her Honda sedan while screaming.

Christmas Abbott was eight months pregnant at the time of the incident, so police reportedly seized her car but did not process her. The Big Brother star welcomed her son on October 8, and she turned herself into Tampa police after an arrest warrant was served on November 6.

Christmas Abbott has been forthcoming with fans about her difficult birth story—she gave birth to Loyal via c-section after a full labor, and Bunn was not present for the delivery— and she seems to be working toward a more positive future as a single mom. After the arrest, Abbott posted to Instagram to remind fans of her mantra.

“Every day is a new opportunity to change your life,” Abbott wrote. “You just have to decide you want something better and start working towards it.”

Abbott revealed that she adopted the philosophy while working in Baghdad, Iraq in 2004.

“I had no idea what that would lead me to and it eventually helped me climb out of the dark place I was before and into who I am today,” the CBS reality star revealed. “I still make mistakes but I own them and take action to correct. …I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be but I am always working to be better in any way I can but sometimes I slip, we all do. What is important is how I move forward from that slip that really counts. I refuse to become a victim of the situation but instead I make changes to do all I can to improve it, or remove it.”

Christmas Abbott has not commented on the currents status of her relationship with Bunn, but the fitness coach previously admitted he had been out of touch with the former Big Brother star in the months before she delivered their son.