Ice Cube Drops Heated New Single ‘Arrest The President’

Al BelloGetty Images

It has been approximately eight years since Ice Cube released a new album, but on October 30 the rapper took to his Twitter, alerting fans that a new record is set to drop on December 7 of this year entitled Everythang’s Corrupt.

Ahead of the album is the new single “Arrest the President,” which dropped Friday, November 9 at midnight, according to a report from Complex. As is obvious from the song’s title, “Arrest the President” takes aim at Donald Trump, outright referring to the president as “Russian intelligence.”

Cube doesn’t hold back in ripping Trump viciously on the new single, taking his criticisms to a new level of intensity.

I make ’em scream bloody murder.

Let’s meet at the White House.

Run in and turn the lights out.

Man, they treat it like a trap house

These m************ never take the trash out.

The new single is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms and already is generating heated responses from both sides of the political spectrum.

Cube’s “Arrest The President” is just one example of Trump’s near-universal rebuke in the hip-hop world. In 2017, rapper Eminem laid lyrical waste to the President in a cypher for BET, doubling down on his criticisms on his 2018 album Kamikaze for the opening song, “The Ringer.” On the track, Eminem refers to Trump as “agent orange.”

Snoop Dogg has also attacked Donald Trump publicly, even going so far as to tear into Kanye West for showing support to the president and donning a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Kayne recently posted to his official Twitter account that he regretted supporting Trump and that he felt he had been used by Republicans to drum up support within the black community.

Ice Cube is well-known for being a confrontational artist and his diss tracks have historically been devastating enough to effectively snuff out entire rap careers. Shortly after parting ways with his iconic rap group, N.W.A., Cube dropped “No Vaseline,” which ultimately caused the dissolution of the entire group. Since then, he’s gone on to an extremely successful rap career, topped with the massive hit “It Was A Good Day,” which became one of the most successful rap singles of all time.

Prior to 2018, Ice Cube’s last album was I Am The West, which was released in 2010. That album sold more than half a million copies and was considered by many to be his potential last album before the announcement of Everythang’s Corrupt.