Woman Who Shed 312 Pounds Shares Her Experience With Excess Skin Removal Surgery

On January 1 of 2016, Lexi Reed and her husband, Danny, made a resolution to become healthier versions of themselves. At the time Lexi weighed in at 485 pounds. Not only did she not feel comfortable in her own body, but it also was holding her back from living her best life. She was determined to do something to create a change, and her perseverance paid off.

Reed dropped 312 pounds through drastic lifestyle changes, and she thought the hardest part of her journey to become her best self was over. However, after finally reaching her desired weight, she began experiencing a new problem, excruciating neck and jaw pain. According to Today, the pain was due to the large amount of excess skin that remained on her body.

“I tried to explain to the doctors that something was wrong with me, but they couldn’t give me answers,” Reed told Today. “I stayed silent a long time, hoping the pain would just go away, but it never did.”

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I woke up like dis. ???? Not the most flattering angle, but this is my reality. Normally my loose skin will swell anytime that I have any type of cheat meal or salt so it's no surprise to me that the 'swell hell' @drjosephmichaels warned me of is real, especially in my legs now that it doesn't have as much skin in other places to fill. This has been my set up for the past few days for my naps & sleep. 8 pillows all for me! I have to have multiple pillows under my back, arms, and my legs. For the first few days I couldnt hardly get out of bed and sobbed whenever I sat up but now I can finally pull myself up. In the future I will probably get myself a lift chair if I have more surgery, but doing what I can for now! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whos ready to hustle for the holidays!? NEXT DIETBET STARTS 11/19!! Theres almost less than 2 months left to finish this year fighting for your health! Why not bet on yourself with our tribe? Next dietbet starts 11/19! I joined my first dietbet in January 2016 when I started my journey & it helped me change my life! Time to change yours too & make those resolutions stick! Lose weight, share tips/recipes, giveaways including @fedupfam, an airfryer, & MORE! Plus get paid to get lean in 2018!  Link in bio or dietbet.com/fatgirlfedup #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fedupfam #fit #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #sweat #fattofit #obesetobeast #hero #dance #diet #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #fitness #losingweight #fitnessmotivation #halloween #fitfam #wonderwoman #plussize #looseskin #excessskin #effyourbeautystandards #extremeweightloss

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Her pain persisted and she knew she was putting a strain on her body by continuing to carry the excess weight around. She reached out to Dr. Joseph Michaels, a plastic surgeon from Washington, D.C.. that specializes in the surgical removal of excess skin. Dr. Michaels agreed she was a good candidate for this kind of procedure and set up a series of skin removal surgeries for her.

Although Reed was terrified of the thought of such a drastic surgery, she knew it was what was best for her overall health.

“I am just trying to get through this first one,” she said. “I am terrified of needles, never had surgery or even stayed in a hospital. However, I’m more nervous of the damage I’m doing to my body every single day by carrying around this extra skin.”

Reed underwent her first surgery on Halloween. She has been sharing her progress to her 1 million Instagram followers frequently. She had been in a great deal of pain since the procedure, opening up about the severe swelling her body has undergone. However, she is pushing through the pain knowing it will be worth it once she reaches the other side.

Reed hopes that by sharing her story, she will inspire others to begin making healthy decisions when they are younger so as to avoid ever having to go through a similar situation. She acknowledges that prior to her weight loss she was nearly on her deathbed, and is proud of the work she has put in to become a healthier version of herself.