Emily Ratajkowski Dons Crop Top With No Bra & Dances To Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ On Instagram

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Ariana Grande’s new song “Thank U, Next” has her fans going absolutely wild, with her lyrics “One taught me love / One taught me patience / One taught me pain / Now I’m so amazing” catching like wildfire and inspiring a ton of memes on Twitter. Emily Ratajkowski is no exception, as she shared an Instagram story of herself getting ready to go out while dancing to the song in front of her mirrors. She wore a white crop top with no bra, high-waisted light denim jeans, and red heels. The model looked back at the camera and smiled for a moment, as she continued to shake her thing to the song. Emrata also shared a photo of her outfit as a post, as detailed by the Inquisitr, as she headed to a Lakers game.

The model was spotted with her parents yesterday in Los Angeles, according to the Daily Mail. She sported a baggy but very short crop top with her sports bra peeking through, along with some gray sweatpants. Emily also shared a couple of photos of the same outfit sans bra on Instagram, where she announced she was enjoying a “laundry day.”

On the other hand, Ariana seems to be making waves with her new music, as her direct references to ex-boyfriends and an ex-fiance are giving fans a personal look into her love life.

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Snatched ✔️

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Grande’s relationship with Pete Davidson, in particular, has been the object of attention and criticism, but her song seems to put to rest any speculation that she has anything against him, considering she said that “And for Pete, I’m so thankful.”

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski made quite the scene during the Lakers game, as many reported on the men who were ogling her as she was getting ready to take a selfie, described the Daily Mail. One picture shows a dad with his head turned all the way around as he looked at her derriere, as his young son stood next to him. At the same time, another man also gave the model a glance.

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Checking in on boo @kingjames

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Of course, Emily’s off the market and has a loving husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. She described how she already knew he was “The One,” and how she knew better than to be alone with him when she was still with her ex, said the Daily Mail.

“Women always know… I was always like ‘Okay, I probably shouldn’t hang out with that guy alone’… and then next thing you know I’m at the courthouse getting married.”