Emily Ratajkowski Details Her Arrest With Amy Schumer In D.C.

Presley AnnGetty Images

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski was a guest Wednesday night on Busy Philipp’s new E! network talk show, Busy Tonight, where she shared details behind her arrest last month in Washington D.C. — alongside Amy Schumer.

Ratajkowski revealed to the talk show host that she was on a flight back from Europe when she was contacted by Amy, whom both she and Philipps co-starred with in the movie I Feel Pretty. Upon connecting to wifi, the model said that the first message that she received was from Schumer — with the comedienne asking if Ratajkowski wanted to “get arrested” with her that Thursday, Bustle reported.

“And I said, ‘actually, yes,’ and that’s basically the only conversation we had about it,” Emily shared.

Shortly after the exchange, the women made their way to the nation’s capital to protest the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Emily recalled the day being a scorcher, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees, and noted that it was “not the most comfortable day to be out there,” especially for Schumer, whom Emily already knew was pregnant.

But the extreme heat didn’t stop the women from fighting for what they believe in.

“Listen, voting is awesome, but there’s so many things we can do all other days of the year,” she said. “I really think getting down to D.C. and seeing how everything works is amazing.”

The actresses were among 302 people detained during the demonstration. According to the Wrap, the pair were arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building,” as well as “crowding, obstructing or incommoding.” Police said all arrestees were charged a $50 fine for the offense, which is classified as a misdemeanor.

Emily shared a photo to her Instagram account after the event, explaining to her impressive 20.2 million followers on the social media platform her stance on the nomination of Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was sworn to serve the Supreme Court on October 6.

“Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is a message to women in this country that they do not matter,” the Welcome Home actress wrote in the caption of a picture of her holding a poster at the protest in front of the Capitol building. “I demand a government that acknowledges, respects and supports women as much as it does men.”

Ratajkowski and her I Feel Pretty co-star addressed the crowd at the protest, thanking them for showing up — and affirming that they would continue to do just that “no matter how this goes down.”

“No matter how this goes, they cannot keep us down, we will win,” Schumer said, receiving cheers from Emily and from the rest of the crowd.