Jennifer Garner Describes The Joy Of Cuddling With Son Samuel

Jennifer Garner is trying to soak in as much quality time with her son Samuel as she can -- while he's still young and will allow it.

Though she is busy balancing a thriving career, a business, and a divorce to husband Ben Affleck, that doesn't stop Jennifer Garner from making time for her three kids — Violet, Seraphina and Samuel -- especially at bedtime. In a recent interview with People, Garner confessed that part of her nightly routine includes singing to her 6-year-old, Samuel.

"My son is the last one little enough to still be sung to, although I will whip it out for the others if I feel like they can use a little soothing."
When it comes to song choice, the actress says that she likes to mix it up -- but if all else fails, she defaults to her go-to song "Rainbow Connection," a song that she swears she has sang at least 16 million times. The actress also says that there's just something so great about getting to sing her kids to sleep.

"We've read, the lights are out, he's folded up on me, there's a favorite blanket, he's on my lap and I rock him and sing 'Rainbow Connection,'" she shared. "It's so soothing. There's no better feeling than a little kid in your lap while you rock him and sing to him."

It's easy to see that Garner is incredibly close with her kids. Another tradition that the family shares is going to Mass on Sundays. Garner and her three kids are frequently photographed leaving church services -- and sometimes Jen's ex, Ben Affleck, even goes along with the family.

Recently, the mother-of-three told an embarrassing story about a recent trip to church. As the Inquisitr shared, the actress was walking through church when she realized that something was just not right with her outfit after going to the restroom.

"My skirt got caught in my panties at church a couple of weeks ago and I almost walked into the congregation after going to the restroom with full biscuit showing," she hilariously explained.

Luckily, the 46-year-old says that she "felt a breeze," and was able to fix her skirt before walking back into the congregation. Had she not caught the snafu before she left the restroom, things could have turned out really poorly for the actress -- especially if anyone at the service had a camera.

Garner is currently starring in HBO's Camping, which airs on Sundays.