Police Dog Named After Fallen Officer Is Honored By NYPD Before Being Put Down

Drew AngererGettyImages

The New York Police Department recently had to say goodbye to one of their own, as 4-year-old bloodhound and K-9 detective Angel finished her battle with cancer this week, according to People. A group of officers from the NYPD gathered together outside of Staten Island’s Rosebank Animal Hospital on Monday to honor the dog who helped solve the crime and save lives during her short life. Officers stood lining the building to give Angel one last salute before she was euthanized.

Angel was special not only because of her important job but because of her name. The dog was named in honor of Detective Rafael Ramos, who lost his life while on duty in 2014. The officer was shot while simply sitting inside his patrol car at an intersection. The suspect was a gang member who had allegedly come to the city with the specific intention of killing cops. He was immediately pursued by other officers but committed suicide before he could be brought into custody.

Angel leaves behind a sister named Liu Liu, who was named after another officer killed in the same tragedy. Her name is a tribute to Detective Wenjian Liu, who was in the same patrol car as Detective Ramos when the shooting took place.

The NYPD turned to Twitter to announce the passing of their beloved dog. “

#NYPD ESU #K9 is sad to announce the passing of a 4-year-old Bloodhound Angel after a brief fight with cancer. Angel seen here with her sister Liu Liu are both named in honor of hero Detectives Ramos & Liu who were tragically shot and killed in December 2014 #RIP,” the tweet read.

Angel’s fight with cancer was brief following her diagnosis in August. Although she had responded well to chemotherapy treatments, the disease progressed quickly, causing her to have to step away from her duties.

Officers will remember her fondly, many of them sharing their own unique memories of the dog that was focused when she needed to be and liked to play when off duty.

“She was a trooper, man. She was strong,” Angel’s human partner Officer Manuel Orellana said.

“She’s gonna be missed. She was a good dog. She’d always get herself into trouble. I have a garden in my backyard. I’ll go out there and she’ll have an eggplant in her mouth or a cucumber.”

When she was off duty, Angel lived with Officer Orellana in his home in Farmington, Long Island. The pair worked together daily before returning home at night, with Orellana commenting that it would often be “just me and her” on duty.