Annaliese Puccini Puts Her Curves On Display In Black Bikini As She Talks About Positivity

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Annaliese Puccini is looking radiant as ever in her latest Instagram post, and the TV star is reminding people to stay positive. She’s had a less-than-perfect past several months, but Annaliese has been very open with her fans about all of her ups and downs. She most recently spotlighted her closest girlfriends who were by her side through all of the hard times, including the loss of her father and an unexpected break-up with Kamil on the reunion show.

“Two things I say to myself a lot lately (and people say to me a lot) are ‘keep your head up’ and ‘just keep swimming’.. sometimes in our darkest days it’s hard to see the light but remembering to push forward and stay positive, that’s what gets me through tough times. And surround yourself with people, animals, things or whatever that put a big smile on your face!!!”

Puccini’s positive mindset appears to be contagious, as her fans left heartfelt comments for her. One person let her know that she was “So real and genuine, honest and emotional. I wish you were the next bachelorette.” Another fan let her know, “Everything’s going to work out for you, you’ll see!” Someone else sent their thanks, saying, “Thank you… having a really hard day today and it was nice to read this.”

Annaliese also shared a photo of her yesterday wearing a black shirt that said, “The Future Is Female.” She updated the captions after she said she hoped everyone voted, saying “We are witnessing #herstory in the making tonight, this is the 1st time ever we’ve elected over 100 women into The House of Representatives!!!” Her outfit also included a cute black hat, along with some black overalls with very thin straps. She wore rings, bracelets, and a necklace, and smiled widely in the photo that was taken outdoors.

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When @airbnb reached out to me it was imperative that these ladies be on my girls getaway weekend! I called them the night the breakup actually happened and they quickly moved around their schedules so they could come down, they booked flights, a hotel and a rental car to get down to LA to be with me so I wasn’t going through that alone. I will never be able to repay them for that. They are both incredibly busy women, a kickass trainer and devoted mother to the cutest toddler (who came on our girls weekend) and a badass boss babe attorney and blogger, they both have a million other things always going on and the fact that in my time of need they put their lives on hold to be with me was undoubtedly one of the most amazing, thoughtful, kind things anyone has ever done for me. Since then this trip had to be pushed because my father went into the hospital and then suddenly passed 10 days later and I didn’t want to and I couldn’t think about doing anything.. and they were there for me then too. When booking this trip I could have gone anywhere in the world and @airbnb was incredibly generous with a budget but the only thing that mattered to me was that these girls were there to share this weekend with me. That meant bringing along Jaimes mom and daughter and staying local. And I was happy to have them all of course, they are like family! It ended up being one of the best experiences/trips I’ve ever been on and it was only 2 hrs away from SF. One of the perks about being local was we were able to host a big dinner party Saturday for some of our girlfriends and even a bunch of the girls that work on the farm! There are so many of my girlfriends that I know wished they could have made it but next time ladies!!! I am so incredibly thankful for my friends, and I wish you all could have been there.. you know who you are ???? . @wheybyj and @lauranetti if we ever start a folk/indie band this will be our album cover ????????.. love you ladies, not just on “Thursday” . . . . ???? @katiemickphotography . . #girlboss #tribe #empoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #supportive #strongwomen #bossbabes #thankful #airbnb @tolumafarms @tomalesfarmsteadcreamery

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And the day before that, the TV star took a moment to send her thanks to two close girlfriends that went with her on a free trip that was provided to her by Airbnb. Some fans may remember that when Kamil broke up with her during the reunion show, that Annaliese couldn’t believe he’d do that to her after booking an Airbnb for them for a week. The company heard about the incident, and offered Annaliese and her closest friends a free trip. Puccini described how the dates had to be pushed back because of her father’s passing, but that her friends were there with her through it all.