Noted White Nationalist Patrick Casey Shared Picture From Private White House Visit

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Patrick Casey has gained a national reputation as the leader of a white nationalist group that tries to recruit college-age white men into a group offering “intellectualizing white supremacist ideology.”

Yet somehow, the leader of the group Identity Evropa was to get a private White House visit in a trip likely arranged by a staffer with the Trump administration. As the Daily Beast reported, the suit-wearing Casey shared a photograph of himself on Wednesday in an area of the White House not accessible to the public.

As a source told the outlet, that means Casey likely had a trip arranged by a White House insider.

“Three sources familiar with how the Trump White House operates tell The Daily Beast that Casey could not have reached the location directly in front of the White House’s south front by himself or on a common tour,” the report noted.

“Casey, the sources said, likely would have had to be escorted by a Trump administration staffer wearing an official badge to get that kind of access.”

Casey is the leader of a group known as Identity Evropa, which was founded in 2016 by an Iraq War veteran. As the Southern Poverty Law Center noted, the group has been targeting college campuses with slogans like “Our Future Belongs to Us” and “Keep Your Diversity We Want Identity.” The group aims to saturate these spaces with white nationalist messages in an effort to mainstream the ideology, the organization noted.

Donald Trump has come under fire for what critics say is an embracement of white nationalists, which was brought to the forefront last year when he bristled at the idea of condemning white nationalists who incited violence at Charlottesville. He has also described himself as a “nationalist,” a phrase commonly used by white supremacists as a way to mainstream their ideology.

As The Daily Beast noted, Patrick Casey tweeted the picture the same day that Donald Trump snapped at a reporter who asked whether his embracement of nationalism was encouraging white nationalists. Trump called the reporter, a black woman, a “racist” for asking the question.

The reporter, Yamiche Alcindor, later re-tweeted Casey’s picture and noted that her question was “fair and timely.”

The Daily Beast report added that Donald Trump has previously invited other white nationalists to the White House, including Lionel Lebron, who has pushed the QAnon conspiracy theory claiming that Democrats are running a secret pedophile ring and take part in Satanic rituals.