The Author Of Unauthorized Biography, ‘Rebel Prince,’ Believes Prince Charles Could Harm The Monarchy

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According to the author of the unauthorized biography of Prince Charles, Rebel Prince, the next in line to the throne could actually be hindering the established popularity of the monarchy. Tom Bower believes that Prince Charles’ strong views could put the monarchy at risk when he is finally in power.

While Bower believes that the queen is a unifier of her people, he told Reuters that Charles’ sometimes harsh opinions can divide royal supporters.

“You don’t find people speaking with grievances against the queen. [Charles] divides the nation between those who like him and dislike him, he divides his own court, he creates hostility when he can be creating harmony and that’s his trait.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Prince Charles won’t try to change his ways.

“I think Charles will try his hardest to be a good king,” the author told Reuters.

“The question will be how he behaves, whether he abandons a lot of the qualities that were shown in the preceding 20, 30 years.”

He also believes that Prince Charles has been too rigid when it comes to those who challenge his beliefs.

“He’s very keen to criticize others but cannot tolerate those who challenge him,” Bower said.

Bower’s book was published earlier this year and, in it, he claims that the next in line is “intelligent, kind and sensitive but also selfish, ungrateful, and a lover of luxury whose stubborn streak could risk the institution itself,” according to Reuters.

Critical opinions such as these are not new regarding Prince Charles. During the 1990s, when his marriage to Princess Diana broke down, the prince’s strong thoughts were often criticized. Not only his lifestyle was called into the spotlight, but his strong opinions on such varied topics as “climate change, religion, alternative medicine, and architecture” have often drawn harsh criticism.

According to Tom Bower, Prince Charles could actually harm the monarchy
Queen Elizabeth II delivers a speech alongside King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands (2nd L) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (L) and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (R) during a State Banquet to mark the state visit of King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands at Buckingham Palace on October 23, 2018 in London, United Kingdom.Featured image credit: WPA PoolGetty Images

As for what the queen thinks of her son’s behavior, Bowers suggests that she has remained in power as long as possible because of Charles’ strong opinions.

“I do believe the queen and [her husband] Prince Philip have been thankful to live so long to prevent their son being the monarch because he would have jeopardized it,” Bower explained.

As for what Prince Charles feels about this opinion, he recently spoke out to Vanity Fair about how his life has been picked apart over the years.

“I remember feeling deeply about this appallingly excessive demolition job being done on every aspect of life,” Charles said.

“In putting my head above the parapet on all these issues, and trying to remind people of their long-term, timeless relevance to our human experience – never mind trying to do something about them — I found myself in conflict with the conventional outlook which, as I discovered, is not exactly the most pleasant situation to find yourself.”

Currently, Prince Charles is about to turn 70-years-old. This will make him the oldest living heir to eventually take leadership. His mother, Queen Elizabeth, is still reigning supreme at the ripe old age of 92. And, considering she is still riding horses as per a previous article by the Inquisitr, it seems like she is determined to hold her position for as long as possible.

Tom Bower interviewed 120 people in regard to the publication of his book on Prince Charles. Included were people who worked very closely with the royals over the years. However, some former aides have openly disputed some of the stories told in Rebel Prince.