Meghan Markle Reportedly Wants To Use Hypnobirthing Techniques Per ‘Radar’ But What Is It & How Does It Work?

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Radar Online revealed that Duchess Meghan is reportedly seeking to give birth naturally without any medication, using a technique called hypnobirthing. This may leave some people wondering, what is hypnobirthing, and how does it work?

Commonly referred to as a “mind-body” technique, hypnobirthing requires the mother to self-hypnotize herself into a state of deep relaxation. This is in stark contrast to a typical birth at a hospital, which often requires the birth to be induced, as medicine is on-hand for anyone who wants it. Many celebrities have used this option, including Jessica Alba and Tiffani Thiessen.

WebMD shared the story of a woman named Anna Wall who used the technique. Her birthing process required no medication, no screaming, and no pushing. The process lasted 10 hours. Of course, Anna’s story is unique to her, and it’s not as simple as it sounds for everyone.

“I could hear everything and respond when I needed to, but I was so relaxed that I remember falling asleep between contractions. I kept breathing deeply and just felt my body move the baby down. And then he literally slid out.”

The basis behind how it works is all about the natural responses that the body has in certain situations. Fear of giving birth starts up our “fight-or-flight mechanism.” However, it’s possible to quell those fears and replace it with labor hormones and endorphins.

The technique is nothing new, but some people have begun teaching courses on it in the past decades. And thanks to celebrities touting the technique, its popularity has increased. If it’s true that Meghan Markle is hoping to give birth through hypnobirthing techniques, it’s likely that the movement will see another surge in popularity.

There are many reasons people choose hypnobirthing rather than giving birth with medication, and Cosmopolitan interviewed a few women about their experiences.

“The vision I had of the perfect birth experience was one of being free to walk around of my own volition, not having pain medications, and having a quick recovery time. I did some research about birthing methods that allowed these and came across HypnoBabies.”

Of the three women that were interviewed, all of them ended up at the hospital. But none of them were screaming in pain and were able to maintain their relaxed mindstate until they eventually gave birth.

“I don’t think it took away all of the pain, but instead put me in a place better equipped to deal with the pain.”