‘Big Brother’s’ Christmas Abbott Arrested, Charged With Felony After Ramming Baby Daddy’s New Girlfriend’s Car

Tom CooperGetty Images

Big Brother alum Christmas Abbott’s situation with her ex-boyfriend just took an unusual turn. The CBS reality star and CrossFit guru was arrested in Florida this week after turning herself in for an incident that occurred in August—when she was eight months pregnant.

TMZ confirmed that Abbott turned herself in to authorities in Tampa earlier this week, where she was booked for felony criminal mischief.

A police report obtained by the celebrity gossip site states that Abbott turned up at a Tampa CrossFit gym in August to confront her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Bunn’s alleged side girlfriend. Abbott allegedly freaked out on the woman, calling her names such as “pathetic home-wrecking little slut,” then tossed an iced coffee before repeatedly ramming into her car in the parking lot.

According to Radar Online, Samantha Jane Morse told police Abbott confronted her at the gym when she was drinking an iced coffee. Abbott demanded to know if Benjamin Bunn, the father of her child, bought Morse the beverage. Abbott also allegedly asked if Morse was in an intimate relationship with Bunn, but Morse refused to answer. Morse then alleged that Abbott got into her Mercedes SUV and repeatedly rammed her Honda sedan while continuing to scream.

Christmas Abbott was eight months pregnant at the time, so police seized her car but did not process her because she was so far along in her pregnancy. The Big Brother star welcomed her son, Loyal Atticus, in October, and she turned herself after an arrest warrant was served on November 6.

Big Brother fans knew something was unusual about Christmas Abbott’s paternity situation. While her original pregnancy announcement was a happy one—in March, Us Weekly reported the mom-to-be posted her baby’s sonogram and a photo of herself reading What To Expect When You’re Expecting as she sat alongside the father of her child—things clearly changed before the baby’s birth.

When Abbott, 36, gave birth to little Loyal on October 8 in South Carolina, Bunn was not present. In an interview with Us Weekly, Benjamin Bunn revealed he hadn’t been in a relationship with the Big Brother finalist since December, and that he had been completely out of contact with Christmas Abbott since late August. Bunn even revealed that he found out Christmas was being induced via an Instagram message, but he didn’t make it to the hospital in time.

“Unfortunately, I had very little contact with Christmas in the last few months of her pregnancy,” Bunn told Us Weekly.

“However, prior to that, we spent almost every day with each other for six to seven months straight. I went to every doctor’s appointment, accompanied her for travel, moved furniture and did all the things that two caring adults do with and for each other.”

Now, it seems clear why Christmas Abbott and her ex had been out of contact since August, which is when the parking lot incident allegedly took place.