Royal Model Lady Amelia Windsor Wows In Dark Red Eyeshadow & Bright Pink Lipstick On Instagram

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Lady Amelia Windsor is 39th in line to the throne. Although that might be a bummer if she had hopes of being a princess or queen one day, it gives her the freedom to do things that other royals closer to the line of succession cannot. For one, Amelia has a solid social media presence and works as a model. She keeps her fans updated on her Instagram with posts and stories. And her latest post shows her wearing some daring makeup, including a rich dark pink eyeshadow along with a bright pink, almost metallic, lipstick. The photo was taken in front of a dark red backdrop that matched her eyeshadow and appears to be for Wonderland Magazine, which she tagged in the post. The model added the caption, “it’s just another dramatic make up mooooonday.”

While one fan left a poem in the comments and another told her that she looked “perfect,” others called her “gorgeous” and “stunning.” Wonderland also noted that the Autumn 18 issue is out now, and the covergirl is none other than Nicki Minaj. The singer sported a very low-cut corset bodysuit, which was embellished with glitter and appeared to have straps made of a string of jewelry.

On the other hand, Amelia is keeping things down to earth on her Instagram page. She recently spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about her life, during which she revealed some of her makeup secrets. This is how she finished the sentence, “My approach to beauty is…”

“Look after it; everyone’s beauty is different and special and so make-up is unique to each person. Illamasqua has created a range of make-up that can celebrate all types of beauty and different features people want to enhance and magnify. I love eye make-up and really love the new Jewel Vinyl glitter balms that Illamasqua has created.”

Windsor also revealed the name of her hair stylist, in case you were wondering how to get an amazing look like her.

“George Northwood. Kat does my colour and she is a genius and, of course, so is George. They have the best team there and I always leave feeling refreshed. There is nothing better than leaving a salon with freshly cut hair, swishing it about proudly all the way home.”

And if you’re wondering why Amelia likes Illamasqua so much, it might help that she’s the face of their new Reign of Rock collection. And while she sported some bold makeup in her latest post, most of the time she shows off her natural beauty with hints of makeup.