Iggy Azalea Posts Racy Instagram Picture In Super-Tight, Cleavage-Baring Dress

David BeckerGetty Images for iHeart Media

Iggy Azalea isn’t letting a little musical setback stop her from looking great.

Fresh off a split with her music label, the rapper took to Instagram to share a picture of herself in a very tight dress that showed off her figure. Though the picture was relatively tame compared to some other recent pictures she’s shared — including a few where she is in the buff, though strategically covered to adhere to Instagram’s no-nudity rules — it was still pretty racy and caused a stir among her fans.

“Wow you are so beautiful,” one person wrote, adding an emoji with eyes popping out and another fire emoji.

“AMAZING!” another wrote.

The picture came just a few days after Iggy Azalea announced that she was parting ways with her record label, Island Records. Iggy seemed happy about the split, which came after years of tension with the label and a sophomore album that took nearly four years to release.

“I’m officially unsigned!” she boasted on Saturday.

But the announcement also led to some backlash among fans who said Iggy Azalea was focusing too much on her recent turn to modeling work and the many racy pictures she shared online. Iggy had previously defended her social media habits, telling fans that the long delays in her most recent album were out of her hands and that she would have put it out much sooner if she could have.

Saturday’s announcement also led an adult film company to make an unwelcome offer for her to appear in one of their movies.

That led to a number of inappropriate comments trying to convince the rapper to take the offer. Iggy then took to Instagram to post the comments she received and blast the men who were harassing her.

“I want to know why men think it’s okay to harass women online? Why do men feel so comfortable being sexual predators?” she wrote in a post that was later deleted. “I don’t want to be a sex worker and i shouldn’t have to deal with hundreds of predatory men invading my page because of a PR stunt from a porno company. Treat women better. Learn consent. Learn respect. This is gross.”

But Iggy Azalea hasn’t changed her habits much after the backlash, still sharing pictures including the racy one posted Monday of her tight dress. No word on when the “free agent” rapper could sign with a new label, but she seems to be doing all right in the meantime.