November 7, 2018
Kristen Bell Gushes Over Husband Dax Shepard: 'Nothing Is Sexier Than Him Being A Good Human'

After five years of marriage and two kids together, Kristen Bell is still head over heels for her hubby Dax Shepard.

It's not uncommon for the actress to gush over her husband on her Instagram account, oftentimes sharing photos of Dax as well as sweet captions to go along with the images. Most recently, the mother of two opened up to People about her husband in the "Sexiest Man Alive" issue.

Bell says that when she and Dax first started dating, she was plagued with a lot of trust and jealousy issues. But now that their relationship has progressed, she calls the emotions of jealousy that she used to feel a "waste of time" because he's such an amazing and consistent person. She says that at first, she was attracted to the way that he made her feel but now her love has shifted and she is attracted to the things she learns from him.

"He has shown nothing but consistent love, and conducts himself in my absence exactly how he does in my presence. I also think he has gotten funnier over the years!"
But what really makes Bell so attracted to her husband, she says, is the watching the way that he takes care of their children, even making simple and mundane tasks seem both manly and sexy.
"[I'm] decidedly confident I chose the right person. He does almost everything in a 'manly' way. He can put a pony tail on our 5-year-old's hair as manly as he can change his break pads in the driveway."
But at the end of the day, Bell says that "nothing is sexier than him being a good human."

Bell has stuck by Shepard's side through thick and thin and the pair seems to be extremely happy together. As the Inquisitr recently shared, the actress stirred up a little bit of controversy when she confessed to Marc Maron on his popular WTF podcast that she does indulge in weed from time to time despite the fact that her husband has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction in the past.

This year, Shepard celebrated 14 years of sobriety but still, Bell faced a lot of backlash after admitting that she smokes in front of her husband. The actress took time during an episode of The View to address the backlash she received, sticking up for herself and shutting down the haters.

"I just found out about this, by the way. If you're not using your critical thinking skills and you can't give me the benefit of the doubt in a situation and you just come at me, I don't have time for that, I just don't. I respond to positive things."
She also said that Dax was totally on her side on the matter and compared being married to an addict to being married to a diabetic.

"He's like, that would be like asking a diabetic spouse, don't ever eat sugar in front of me," Bell explained.

You can catch Bell on The Good Place on NBC.