‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Brad Freaks, Michael’s Questioning Bobbie, And Laura Pressures ‘Kevin’

Valerie DurantABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital will get fans talking from the sounds of things. Spoilers detail that viewers will see more of Brad’s admission to Britt, and Michael will be curious as he talks to Bobbie. Laura is not only dealing with the suspended election, but she’s got questions for “Kevin” — and is ready to confront him.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Brad and Britt got a chance to talk, and he was ready to unload the truth about Wiley. General Hospital spoilers via the Twitter sneak peek detail that he’ll melt down as this conversation continues — as it seems that Britt will possibly try to downplay how catastrophic this situation could become.

Brad will be stunned as he tries to figure out how Britt could think her life could remain intact if he is exposed, and it looks as if Britt will keep her cool as he freaks out. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Brad will reveal a secret to Britt during Wednesday’s show, and viewers will be curious to see whether or not he tells her all of the sordid details — or whether Brad covers up the key tidbits, as he did with Julian.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Michael will be curious and perplexed as he talks with Bobbie. He’ll wonder what it is that she saw at Lucas and Brad’s that rattled her, and Bobbie looks a bit hesitant to tell him more. General Hospital spoilers note that Michael will be feeling reluctant, and it sounds as if this conversation may edge the big baby swap reveal forward just a bit.

Laura was shaken to have “Kevin” tell her that he wanted to separate, and she quickly became suspicious of how close he’s gotten to Ava. General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll confront the man she thinks is her husband — telling him that she thinks there is a third person involved in the problems they’re having in their relationship.

Granted, there is a third person involved here, but so far nobody is on the verge of figuring out that Ryan is alive and impersonating his brother. Ryan will surely continue to dance around Laura’s questions, and he might decide that it’s to his benefit to let her think he’s getting too close to Ava.

In addition, Maxie will apparently fill Nina in on spending her birthday with Peter — and Jason will do his best to support Carly, encouraging her to take steps that will let her put her time at Ferncliff firmly in her past. There’s also something coming up involving Carly and Laura together, and as the Inquisitr has detailed, Spencer is likely going to be busted in short order for his election tampering.

What will it take for the truth about the baby swap to emerge? How will Ryan’s evil schemes be uncovered? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get wild as this month continues, and viewers won’t want to miss any of the chaos that’s on the way.