Kate Middleton And Prince William Have A Clever Trick To Avoid Photographers

Clive BrunskillGetty Images

It’s no surprise that the British royal families are constantly surrounded by paparazzi, hoping to capture a snapshot and give royal watchers the one thing they crave every day–a new look at the lives of the popular monarchs that they love and envy.

And while some royals happily take to their photography equipment-lugging followers, others handle the spotlight a little differently. According to an article in Vanity Fair extensively profiling the life of Prince Charles, his eldest son and his wife, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are far from fans of the attention they always get.

According to one royal correspondent, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have one clever trick up their sleeves–they go “out of their way” not to look at a “fixed point,” making it difficult for photographers to capture a decent shot of the couple.

The correspondent referred to the young royals as “control freaks” about their coverage in the media, whereas their elders are far more relaxed, making them a favorite of the royal watchers–especially Prince Charles’ wife Camilla.

“We think the world of her, we adore her. She’s an amazing woman,” Sun photographer Arthur Edwards told Vanity Fair. “She always shows up with a great smile and is never, ever grumpy.”

“She knows all our names, she fosters a sense that we’re all in this together. She always gives you a little gleam in her eye and will find a moment to look at our cameras,” another photographer revealed.

Last month, royal photographer Tim Rooke, who has been covering the British royal family for more than 25 years, told Australian media site News.com.au that the younger royals “are still a little stand-offish with photographers.”

“What happened with their mother has obviously affected their relationship with the press,” Rooke said, referring to William and Harry’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales, who tragically died in 1997 as the result of a car crash that to this day has largely been blamed on the behavior of the media. “However, they’ve changed over the last few years and it’s become easier to photograph them.”

Rooke also noted that the British royals don’t typically pose for professional photographs, unlike the royal families in Norway and Sweden, who “will always stop outside an event and pose for pictures with the photographers.” This left the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge “a bit stuck” during a recent tour of the Scandinavian countries “because if the royals they were with stopped then they had to also.”