Halsey Shares Provocative Topless Selfie, Gets Fans Buzzing As She Poses In Fendi Hose And Little Else

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Singer Halsey has shared numerous buzzworthy photos via her Instagram page lately and her latest is a wild one that has gone viral among her fan base. This new provocative shot shows the singer nearly in the buff and it looks like that’s not the only thing about her social media page that has people talking about her these days.

Halsey shared the sultry shot on her Instagram page on Tuesday and it quickly racked up a lot of likes and comments. In the shot, the singer is kneeling on a bed and she’s got her back to the camera. She is topless and is wearing a sheer pair of black Fendi pantyhose over a pair of white thong underwear.

The singer didn’t provide much in the way of context for the photo to her 9.6 million Instagram followers. Halsey simply added emojis representing a spider and a spider web, leaving her followers to take it from there.

Halsey is positioned with both of her arms raised and just a hint of sideboob can be seen on one side along with the singer’s slim waist and toned arms. Several of Halsey’s tattoos can be seen in the photograph as well.

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This stunning picture of Halsey’s snagged more than 740,000 likes in about 12 hours, with nearly 5,000 followers commenting on the post. Many people noted that it was a beautiful and seductive pose and this latest shot comes shortly after she shared another sexy bikini shot that also garnered plenty of attention.

As the Inquisitr noted, Halsey recently stunned her Instagram followers with a photo where she wore a teal bikini that showed off her long legs and gorgeous curves. She’s worn some jaw-dropping ensembles to recent events as well and many would say that her former beau G-Eazy must be noticing what he’s now missing.

Halsey may be single now, but fans have noticed that she seems to be doing a fair amount of flirting with singer John Mayer lately. E! News notes that the 24-year-old singer has been interacting a fair amount with 41-year-old Mayer via Instagram and he’s left quite a few comments on her recent posts. People have noticed multiple comments from John on various posts of Halsey’s for the last couple of weeks and it’s led to a fair amount of speculation that the two might transition this online flirting into something more soon.

Granted, Mayer does have something of a reputation when it comes to his love life, so Halsey’s fans would likely urge her to be cautious on this front. The two have spent time together in person previously and are friends, but it’s been hard to miss what’s come to feel like a more flirtatious tone between the two of them.

Given how sexy and gorgeous these last couple of selfies have been of Halsey’s, fans speculate that there may be more saucy posts to come. The singer’s career is on fire these days and it looks like she’s feeling confident and ready to tackle whatever comes her way next.