Olivia Munn Opens Up About Jamie Foxx & The Advice He Gave Her

Gabe GinsbergGetty Images

Olivia Munn has revealed some great dating advice that she had received from her close friend Jamie Foxx, according to reports from Entertainment Tonight.

During a Tuesday appearance on Busy Tonight, Munn spoke about how she originally met Foxx during a Super Bowl party which she attended with a man she was dating at the time. Since their meeting, Munn opened up about how the 50-year-old Foxx had become something of a “big brother” to the actress.

Munn described the meeting, saying, “[Foxx] saw me at a party and I was dating this guy, who was an actor that was famous… He was my crush, and no one knew that we were dating, we were dating for a couple months. We were still at this place where you hadn’t said that you’re official. I was official, but I was waiting for him to, you know, say it, but it wasn’t going to happen.”

Due to the lack of an “official” tag on her relationship, the 38-year-old Munn and the unnamed actor were, as she described, “keeping it cool” during the event.

Speaking about the event, Munn said, “I’m on one side of this party and he’s on the other side as he’s talking to different girls and stuff and I’m feeling so depressed. And then I decided to leave early. Jamie stops me and is like, ‘Where are you going?'”

While Foxx eventually relented and allowed Munn to leave, he did promise that he would call her later and leave a voicemail if she didn’t pick up.

Foxx did exactly that the next day. As Munn described, “The next morning, I got a call from Jamie and he left a voicemail. [Foxx] said… ‘Did you come out here to be somebody’s girlfriend? No! Did you come out here to be somebody’s wife? No! Did you come out here just to date this guy? No! Did you come out here to be an actress? Yes! Don’t you ever, ever let me see you cry about some guy like that ever, ever again. Don’t you ever let some other guy make you feel like that ever again.'”

Romantic rumors abounded between the pair when Munn and Foxx were photographed together on the red carpet for the Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor fight in 2017. However, a witness at the event told Entertainment Tonight that there was nothing more than friendship between the two.

Munn and Foxx have been romantically linked as far back as 2010, but Foxx has always said that they were just “great friends.” Foxx is currently dating actress Katie Holmes, while Munn appears to have been single since she broke off her three-year relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.