‘Southern Charm’ Star Ashley Jacobs Confirms She’s Leaving The Show For Good

Ashley JacobsInstagram

Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs will not be returning to the popular Bravo show, People is reporting.

In an Instagram post, the villainess that everybody loves to hate says that she’s decided to take her life in another direction after a painful and awkward series of appearances on the show that highlighted the difficulties in her personal life.

“After a lot of prayerful consideration, I have decided not to return to Southern Charm next season.”

Ashley Jacobs came on in Season 5 of the reality series, which follows the comings and goings of a handful of wealthy and genteel residents of the area around Charleston, South Carolina. Jacobs, a registered nurse from California, began a relationship with star Thomas Ravenel, and the rest is history.

The show documented Ashley’s sometimes-volatile and explosive relationship with Thomas, who himself is dealing with sexual assault allegations. Throughout her run on the show, Ashley clashed with Thomas, with the other cast members, and even with the audience, some of who proposed a theory that she was never Thomas’ girlfriend but was just an actress playing the role of his girlfriend for the cameras.

However, Ashley claims in her Instagram post that the way the show was edited artificially cast her as the villain – which is one of the reasons why she’s declining to come back to the show.

“After experiencing how unfair the editing process can be, I don’t think I’ll ever have a fair shot.”

There are other reasons for declining to return to the show, according to Reality Blurb. For example, she says that Bravo offered her the chance to return but at a steep pay cut.

“I was asked back but eventually declined because what Bravo wanted to compensate me was only a tiny fraction of what everyone else is making.”

And of course, the hate from the fans apparently wore on her as well.

“Especially in light of all the hate I have incurred this past year… it was an easy decision for me to walk away.”

So what’s Ashley going to do now that she’s not coming back to Southern Charm? Likely like the rest of us: suit up and clock in. She had a successful nursing career before being brought onto the show, and she says that she finds nursing “more rewarding” than reality TV, so in all likelihood, she’ll polish off her résumé and apply for a nursing job somewhere. Whether that will be in South Carolina or back in her home of California is anyone’s guess.