November 7, 2018
'Breaking Bad' Movie From Creator Vince Gilligan In The Works

Breaking Bad may have gone off the air in 2013, but the beloved show has been anything but forgotten, especially with the popularity of the spinoff Better Call Saul. And it looks like the show is coming back again, this time in the form of a two-hour movie from original creator Vince Gilligan, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

At this time, information on the upcoming film is rather limited, but the fact that Gilligan will write the script and executive produce the movie is clear. However, we're not sure if he will direct the movie at this time, but sources confirmed to THR that it is a possibility.

Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, executive producers of the original show and Better Call Saul, are also said to be attached to the film in one form or another.

A huge detail that hasn't been revealed yet is whether any of the stars, such as Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, or Bob Odenkirk, from the popular shows will appear in the film, or if it will feature only new characters.

At this time, it's not known whether the movie will air on television or if it will come with a theatrical release.

The plot of the film is still mostly under wraps, with the only details being that it follows the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom. Only time will tell if the escaping individual is a character we already know from one of the shows, or if it will follow a new character. We also don't know whether it's a prequel or a follow-up to Breaking Bad.

Fortunately, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out all of these answers, as the film is expected to start filming this month in New Mexico. It has been working its way around the industry under the working or fake title of Greenbrier, and the New Mexico Film Office confirmed to the Albuquerque Journal that a project under that name is scheduled to start filming this month.

New Mexico State Film Office Director Nick Maniatis, on the topic of the rumored film, said, "We are happy to welcome 'Greenbrier' and Sony Studios to New Mexico," he said. "For years, we've built up the film industry in New Mexico and strengthened our film incentives; now, we're seeing success after success for the film industry in our state."

In related news, Better Call Saul was renewed for a fifth season, so the Breaking Bad brand does seem to be alive and well, and this film could go even further towards bringing the show back to the forefront.