‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spencer Went Too Far With Election Tampering, Curtis May Have Caught On

Valerie DurantABC Press

It was election day on ABC’s General Hospital, but there was complete chaos at the polls on Tuesday. The votes were tampered with thanks to Spencer Cassadine. He caused a virus to happen and now the election has been suspended. He was pretty proud of himself at first, but he was rethinking his plan once the FBI was mentioned.

Spencer was just trying to buy his grandmother some time in order to get her elected as mayor of Port Charles. He conjured up the virus on a flash drive and downloaded it onto the voting machine when no one was watching. Unfortunately, he let his snottiness get the best of him with cousin Charlotte. SheKnows Soaps also detailed that Ned and Laura said in a news conference that whoever did this would be brought to justice. Spencer was looking quite guilty when Laura mentioned how this was an attack on their way of life.

He is definitely a Cassadine. His sass can be endearing for a while, but General Hospital fans have taken to social media to express their feelings on how far Spencer has gone this time. He was quite sassy with Charlotte telling her that once his grandmother gets elected, she and her father would be deported. He went on saying how he is the reason that Laura would win the mayoral election. Many viewers were not happy that he took his frustrations out on Charlotte. Valentin was the one he is mad at and he is taking it out on her.

Not only was Charlotte a bit suspicious after her confrontation with her cousin, but Curtis was standing close to them as they were talking. He overheard their conversation and it looks like he suspects that he may have found the hacker.

This isn’t looking good for Spencer. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that Curtis will be lending a hand. He has already consulted with Jordan on the murder of Mary Pat, and he is also the one who discovered that the election had been hacked and went to Jordan about it. Now that he is pretty sure that Spencer is the one who caused it, he may just go to Jordan or Laura with his suspicions.

The problem is that Ned may not be too understanding if he finds out that the boy was the person behind it. Spencer had just given Ned a tongue lashing, so the current mayor may want him to pay for what he just did. GH viewers have also said that Spencer shouldn’t just get a slap on the hand either. But most do agree that they are hoping he sticks around Port Charles and not get sent back to boarding school.

Spencer Cassadine is a well-loved character on General Hospital. However, his latest antics may have gotten him into more trouble than he bargained for. Stay tuned to see how Jordan, Ned, and Laura all handle this situation with Spencer if it all comes out in the open.