Woman Claims Possessed Doll Attacked Her Boyfriend In A Jealous Rage

Tim Butters

Being attacked by a jealous spouse or love rival is a terrible thing but just imagine being beaten up by your girlfriend's demonic toy doll.

That's exactly what happened to one unlucky Peruvian man. At least, according to the poor soul's girlfriend.

The Mirror reports that the woman, identified only by her first name Berliz, claims that her doll flew into a terrible rage at the sight of her boyfriend and beat him black and blue.

So traumatic was the beating he received at the hands of the twisted toy, Berliz's lover has since left his lady love, unable or unwilling to compete with an inanimate psychopath.

Apparently, the doll named Desiy, even slashed Berliz's face. Perhaps its intention was to mark the woman from Callao in Peru as its own. Or it might have been a warning for her to stay away from any future romantic relationships.

Berliz claims the doll has poltergeist-like powers. Apparently, it can move at will and is capable of great mischief.

The creepy doll was given to Berliz as a Christmas present from her mother. Bizarrely, one day it lost all her hair. Berliz decided she didn't want such a frightful thing cluttering up the place and put it in a plastic bag facing a wall and forgot about it.

However, when she woke up the next day, the doll had turned its head around and was starring right at its owner.

This was the beginning of a series of freaky occurrences which convinced Berliz the doll was possessed.

Berliz explained, "One day, a bright light suddenly shone and my bible fell down from the TV. I started to cry and the light turned off and I saw shadows all around me."

Was the doll to blame? Berliz believes so. She claims prior to launching its savage attack on her partner, the doll warmed up to the main event by assaulting her cousin.

Desiy allegedly attacked Berliz's boyfriend while he was sleeping and forced him to leave the house.

Since the attack, Berliz has become a mother and has got rid of the doll. She has also made the decision to buy a black cat in an attempt to "balance" all the negative energy the doll has left in its foul wake.

Commentators have observed that Desiy is spookily similar to the Chucky character who appeared in the Child's Play slasher series of films.

As crimes of passion go, the case of Desiy the doll is pretty unique.