Busta Rhymes Arrested For Throwing Muscle Milk

Busta Rhymes was arrested Wednesday night and charged with assault after he allegedly threw a Muscle Milk protein drink at a gym employee. Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr, was at Manhattan's Steel Gym August 5 and got into an argument with the employee.

According to CTV News, the situation between Rhymes and the worker escalated, and Rhymes decided to throw the 17 ounce container full of strawberry protein drink at the worker. The cardboard container hit the victim in the head. Police were called, and arrested Busta Rhymes, charging the "Dangerous" rapper with second degree assault. It is not known if there were serious injuries, but the victim refused medical assistance at the scene.Rhymes' lawyer, Scott Leemon, told TMZ that it's just one more "attempt to take advantage of Busta's celebrity status," and that the charges are "a bunch of bull."

The 43 year old Rhymes often gets carried away, and it's not the first time he's found himself accused of assault and arrested. The "Gimme Some More" rapper was accused of attacking a concert-goer in 2003, and ended up paying $75,000 in compensation for that assault. In 2006, Rhymes was arrested and charged for attacking "a man for spitting on his car." The year 2008 saw the rapper serving three years of probation and 10 days of community service after being charged for an assault on his former driver.

Some witnesses at the gym wondered "why Busta was busted" since Rhymes and the unnamed gym employee had "been at odds in the past," and they were both to blame. The New York Daily News reported that one of the regular bodybuilders at the gym said Rhymes just wanted "to bring a cameraman into the gym to record his workout routine." When the front desk worker refused, the argument broke out. Rhymes left the area, but later returned to buy the protein drink, and the employee told him to leave. Sean Aird, 23, told the NY Daily News what he witnessed then.
"Things got heated. Busta splashed water on him and the employee threw water back. Busta's security got between them. The cops came and (the employee) kept changing his story. He was provoked. Busta never had any physical contact with him whatsoever."
Rhymes' lawyer believes that the charge won't stick, and Rhymes agrees. "It's stupid," said Rhymes, when he was released Thursday morning.
[Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)