Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Flaunts Ripped Abs In A Knotted White T-Shirt On A Bahama Beach

Alexander Tamargo Stringer/Getty Images

The vacation just never ends for Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Camille Kostek. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model shared a stunning photograph of herself in the Bahamas, showing why she has over 350K Instagram followers and why she is fast becoming one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

The photo is exquisite in its simplicity. Kostek wears the All-American uniform of a white t-shirt and denim shorts. But it’s how she wears it that has fans riveted. The blonde knotted the t-shirt in the front, to display her ripped abs, while the shorts fit snugly around her hips. A pocket detail on the tee accentuates the fact that Kostek has curves in all the right places.

Adding to the allure of the photo is the glamorous jewelry which dangles enticingly at strategic points on Kostek’s body. She wears a chunky ring, a gold charm bracelet, and multiple necklaces which cascade onto her chest. Camille’s hair is styled in a Grecian braid which then falls in golden curls over her one shoulder.

There’s only one Camille Kostek and she knows how to work a camera. The model and ex-cheerleader props herself up with one arm as she lies on her side on the white sand. She stares deeply into the camera and smiles. It’s that wholesome authenticity that is so clearly depicted in the photo that keeps her fans coming back. From the braids to the clothing to the trademark freckles, Kostek is on a mission to keep it magnificently real.

In her caption, Camille explains that the photo comes from her shoot in the Bahamas where she was hard at work modeling her favorite Dune Jewelry from the Voyager Collection. She says that there are plenty of new designs in the range that will be released in time for the upcoming festive season.

There are already over 5,000 likes on her Instagram photo in the early hours of the morning. Her followers love the look, with Kostek herself commenting that there is “nothing like a white tee tie up crop.” One fan summed it up by saying, “As always: you radiate so much beauty and joy.”

As for her relationship with Rob Gronkowski, Inquisitr reported that it seems as if “Gronk” could not be prouder of Kostek’s achievements. She posted a sweet video capturing his reaction to her new Improper magazine cover. She asked him, “How’s the article?” to which the New England Patriots star replied, “Fantastic!”