Kenan Thompson Speaks Out Again On Dan Crenshaw Joke, Says ‘Saturday Night Live’ Will ‘Right That Wrong’

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson said that the show will attempt to make up for their offensive war veteran joke, ABC News is reporting. As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson came under fire after poking fun at GOP candidate Dan Crenshaw’s appearance. Crenshaw is a retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander and lost his eye after an IED went off while he was in Afghanistan. He now wears an eye-patch, which Davidson joked made him look like “a hitman in a porno movie” during a segment.

It seems like Thompson has been sent out to do damage control on the show’s behalf, and admitted that Davidson “missed the mark” in an interview on the Today Show on Monday, October 5. He also shared that his own father was a Vietnam veteran and said that he personally would not “go there.” On Tuesday, however, Thompson appeared on The View to give more insight into Davidson’s decision to make the joke.

“Pete’s a good kid,” Thompson explained. “He has a big heart. He has tragedy in his life with his father passing on 9/11 being a firefighter. I don’t think he goes out to offend people, but unfortunately, that’s what happened in this case so they’re figuring out a way to right that wrong. It’s not our intention to disrespect anyone.”

According to People, Davidson has often made dark jokes about his father’s tragic death as a coping mechanism. He deeply mourns and respects his father, however. Davidson once made a series of tweets poking fun at his father in 2015, but ended the stream by saying “All jokes aside. There’s not a day that goes by where I dont think of u. Ur my hero. Cant wait to see u again someday.” He also has his father’s badge number tattooed on his arm.

Thompson said that Saturday Night Live is addressing the controversy and “it’s being handled internally.” CNN is reporting that Crenshaw is not happy with Davidson, but doesn’t want the show to issue a “hollow” apology. The politician suggested that the show donate 1 million dollars to charities that aid veterans.

“I think he’s exposed himself, “Crenshaw said of Davidson. “I think he’s exposed himself for who he really is. I wish him well.”

Davidson has yet to publicly comment on the situation and hasn’t responded to the media’s requests for comment. The comedian is especially laying low about his highly publicized breakup with singer Ariana Grande. While it is not yet known whether Saturday Night Live will take Crenshaw’s suggestion, Thompson maintains that Davidson meant no harm with his comments.