'Vikings' Season 5B: Clive Standen Reveals The Similarities Between Duke Rollo And Ivar The Boneless

It has been a terribly long wait for fans of History Channel's Vikings. Now, nearly a year since the first half of Season 5 premiered, viewers are getting ready for the return on November 28. In particular, fans have been wondering why Duke Rollo decided to side with Ivar the Boneless in the battle for Kattegat. Now, ahead of the Season 5B premiere episode, Clive Standen has made some comparisons between the two characters.

In the midseason finale of Vikings, which aired in January, Episode 10 (titled "Moments of Vision") revealed that Rollo (Clive Standen) and his Frankish forces had sided with Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) against Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in the battle to claim ownership of Kattegat.

For many fans, it was a surprise to see Rollo side with Ivar. Although, some fans theorized that perhaps Rollo would actually side with Lagertha in the matter. However, a new trailer for the Season 5B premiere of Vikings reveals a conversation between Rollo and Ivar in which Ivar thanks Rollo for his support in relation to the victory of Kattegat. Rollo also explains why Kattegat is so important to him still.

You can view the clip for Episode 11 of Vikings Season 5 below.

In addition, Clive Standen has now revealed more about Duke Rollo's motivation.

In a recent interview that Standen did with SyFy Wire, the actor explained that Rollo and Ivar were actually quite similar in some regards.

"People forget that Rollo was the brother that everyone wrote off, Ivar is also the brother that everyone wrote off as the runt of the pack," Clive said.

"[Ivar]'s had to fight and claw his way up to be where he is now. Rollo's been there and done that, and he's got years and years and years on Ivar."
In addition, Clive also revealed some teasers regarding the upcoming storyline involving Rollo and Ivar in Season 5B of Vikings.
"Ivar thinks he's got it all worked out, but he's never come across someone like Rollo. So when they do meet, Rollo's got a few tricks up his sleeve that Ivar's never encountered. So while Rollo is around, I don't think he wants to mess him."
History Channel's Vikings, Season 5B, Episode 11,Clive Standen, Duke Rollo and Ivar the Boneless
History Channel | Jonathan Hession

Once again, some fans are still wondering if Rollo is truly on Ivar's side after this statement, since Standen reveals that Rollo still has "a few tricks up his sleeve." For those that are hoping that Rollo has sided with Lagertha, this statement appears somewhat promising.

Of course, for Rollo, it didn't matter which side he picks in this battle, as he will always be going up against a relative or someone he really cares about. Hvitserk is also on Ivar's side and Ragnar's other sons, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith), are on Lagertha's side.

In addition to this, there have been some suggestions that Bjorn is actually Rollo's son, not Ragnar's. And, this is something that Standen reveals he and the show's creator, Michael Hirst, might have been fostering since the beginning.

"Rollo's always been fond of Bjorn since he was young, and Lagertha is the love of his life. He has some unfinished business with those two people. The politics are a means to an end to give him a reason to come back and open some old wounds."
While Standen doesn't specifically say that Bjorn might be Rollo's son, fans who follow this theory are already waiting to find out more when Season 5B of Vikings returns.

Season 5 of Vikings will return to History Channel on Friday, November 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.