‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Spencer’s Interfering, Brad’s Frazzled, And Chase Is Flirting With Willow

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, November 6, suggest that there is a lot of buzzworthy stuff on the way. Spencer is angling to give Laura an edge against Ned in the election, and Brad is getting increasingly frazzled over “Wiley.” In addition, it looks as if there’s a light-hearted moment involving Chase and Willow during this show.

As viewers saw during Monday’s episode, Spencer concocted a plan that he felt could help Laura beat Ned. It looks like he’s engineered some sort of vote tampering scheme, and General Hospital spoilers, via the Twitter sneak peek, detail that he’ll step in and blast Ned as he approaches Laura.

While Spencer may think he’s got the perfect plan to help his grandmother win, he may not get away with it. SheKnows Soaps notes that Charlotte will become suspicious of Spencer — and the preview hints that Curtis may notice that something is amiss as well.

Brad is scrambling to keep the truth about “Wiley” hidden, but General Hospital spoilers hint that he might soon crack. During Tuesday’s show, Lucas will talk with someone about how Brad seems terrified, and viewers will see Brad talk with Julian about needing his help.


It looks like Brad will tell Julian that Lucas needs his father’s help if he’s gone, and viewers will be anxious to hear the rest of that conversation. General Hospital spoilers have teased that Michael is going to be spending some time bonding with the baby during Tuesday’s episode — and Brad may spill the beans during a conversation with Britt during Wednesday’s episode.

Jordan will turn to Anna, asking for help, and Jordan will be getting bad news of some nature. In addition, Finn will be talking with Britt about the state of her health. Viewers will also see some interaction between Chase and Aiden’s teacher, Willow.

Chase didn’t make a great first impression on Willow, but it looks like he’ll try to win her over with a joke about being able to arrest her for playing hooky. Could this be the first step of a brewing romance? All signs point toward Willow becoming a more prominent character in the weeks ahead, and there’s been a lot of speculation about where her storyline might lead.

How will the truth about Wiley be uncovered — and can Brad survive this scandal? What happens next for Laura, as Ryan tries to keep her distracted? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are major revelations on the way as these storylines proceed, and viewers are dying to see what comes next.