Florida 2018 Election Live Results: Where To Find Updated Voting Totals For State’s Senate And Governor Races

Joe RaedleGetty Images

Voters looking for live results from the Florida 2018 elections will have a few options to follow voting totals from some of the most-watched races in the country.

This year, the Sunshine State is home to two races that have received national interest — the race for governor between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis, and the Senate race pitting Democrat Bill Nelson against Republican Rick Scott.

Florida voters will get the chance to decide on Tuesday, and turnout is expected to be high. As the Orlando Sentinel reported on Election Day, turnout has been robust across Central Florida — and by 12 p.m. some precincts had already seen more than 50 percent of registered voters show up to cast their ballots, already beating the rate from previous midterm elections.

Many more cast their ballots before Tuesday. As NBC Miami reported, a total of 5.1 million people have already voted — either through early voting or by absentee ballot.

The 2018 Florida election results could have a nationwide impact. The state is home to a close Senate race, with Republican Rick Scott looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson. The race could end up being a key one, as Democrats would need to hold the seat to have any chance of winning back the Senate, while a Republican victory all but assures that Republicans hold onto the upper house of Congress.

There has also been much attention on the Florida gubernatorial race, where Democrat Andrew Gillum is looking to maintain the momentum of a shocking primary victory to become the state’s first black governor. The race has strong connections to Donald Trump, as Republican candidate Ron DeSantis has vowed to enact Trump’s policies if elected. It was Trump’s support that helped DeSantis overcome long odds in his own primary, and Trump has campaigned for DeSantis in Florida in the past few weeks.

The race has been contentious, with accusations that DeSantis used racially charged language when suggesting that Gillum would “monkey this up” if he were to win the election.

Polling for both races has been tight, so those following live results from the Florida election could be in for a long night after most polls in the state close at 7 p.m.

Those who want to follow live results from Florida’s 2018 elections will have a few options. Politico has updated numbers for statewide races, as does the New York Times. Voters who want to watch a livestream of local election results can find online video from WPTV in West Palm Beach, NBC 6 News in South Florida, Fox 49 in Tallahassee, or WFTV in Orlando.