Final Arizona Senate Polls Show Slight Lead For Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Over Republican Martha McSally

Christian PetersenGetty Images

One of the most-watched Senate races in the country this year is in Arizona, as Kyrsten Sinema goes up against Martha McSally in the battle to take over Republican Jeff Flake’s seat. Early voting has been strong in Arizona for these 2018 midterms, but which of the ladies has the edge heading into Election Day?

As the Inquisitr detailed a few days ago, Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema appeared to have a three-point lead over Republican candidate Martha McSally. Sinema has led in the majority of polls conducted over the past few weeks, but most experts still anticipate that it will be a close race.

Now, the final polls have been tallied — and it appears that Sinema retains a slight lead over McSally. Emerson Polling shared via Twitter that their numbers show Kyrsten at 49 percent and McSally at 48 percent, with 2 percent undecided.

Fox News points out that regardless of the slight shifts from poll to poll, where McSally leads by one point in some and Sinema leads slightly in others, they all appear to be within the margin of error. Factor that margin of error in with those undecided votes, and this could be quite the race to watch Tuesday night.

With the final polls done, FiveThirtyEight gives Sinema a 61.4 percent chance of winning this Senate seat. The last poll they have incorporated comes from Harris Interactive, and is another result that gives Sinema a slight edge over McSally. Sabato’s Crystal Ball has also rated this Sinema versus McSally battle as a “Leans D” race.

A Sinema win is seen as essential for the Democrats, who have an extremely narrow path available to winning control of the Senate. Most predictions show that the Republicans will likely retain control of the Senate, but every seat is being closely watched. Seeing Sinema flip this red seat blue would be considered a huge win by the Democrats.

No matter which of these two candidates wins on Tuesday, she will become Arizona’s first female Senator. The state hasn’t had a Democratic senator in more than three decades, notes CBS News, and if she wins, Sinema would be the first openly bisexual Senator in the country.

Which way will this vote go on Tuesday? Arizona has already had more people vote early than they had in total votes in 2014, according to the Inquisitr, and people throughout the state are energized for this race. People across the nation will be watching as the tallies emerge on Tuesday night to see whether it’s Kyrsten Sinema or Martha McSally who will be heading to the Senate in January.