Amy Schumer Sees Her Baby Kick On A Sonogram In Adorable Video

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Actress Amy Schumer is pregnant with her first child and she just shared a sweet video to her Instagram page showing her excitement for a recent development. The comedian just got to see her baby moving via an ultrasound and fans thought her reaction was adorable.

Amy Schumer seemed amazed as she watched her baby move around on this ultrasound. She covered her mouth and was amazing by how active the baby was, joking that the baby’s energy is why she has been throwing up every day.

Schumer’s fans adored the video, as more than 1.5 million of her 7.4 million Instagram followers liked the post in the first 18 hours it was up. Amy also got more than 5,000 comments on the post with her fans congratulating her on the pregnancy and sharing stories about how great motherhood was going to be.

In the message for the post, Schumer used the opportunity and exposure to urge everybody to vote. Amy’s fans know that she has been very passionate about the elections taking place this week and she certainly recognized this chance to spread the word some more, knowing this post would snag a lot of attention.

While that trick could have turned off some of her fans, it doesn’t look as if people reacted negatively to it. Several said they were going to borrow the text of the post to share themselves, which Schumer had encouraged people to do.

As ET Online notes, Schumer’s ultrasound video comes just a few weeks after her pregnancy announcement. She recently shared the first photo of her baby bump, and while she’s clearly very excited to welcome her first child, she’s admitted that pregnancy has been tough so far.

Schumer is said to be in her second trimester now, and while it’s been a tough pregnancy, it doesn’t seem as if it’s slowed her down much. Just a few days ago, Amy was in Nevada helping to get out the vote and she shared her efforts via Instagram.

Amy started knocking on doors in a dormitory and walked a first-time voter to the polls. The voter that she managed to meet even exclaimed an expletive when she realized who was at her door and nearly 2 million people liked her video.

Amy Schumer is a comedian who likes to maintain a certain persona, and this pregnancy is definitely showing a slightly different, softer side to her. She is still cracking plenty of jokes, but those who love the actress love to see her getting emotional during times like this ultrasound where she got to see her baby moving around for the first time.

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