Jon Gosselin Files For Full Custody Of Son Collin Upon His Release From His Special Needs Program

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Jon Gosselin already has one of his children living with him, and now he’s hoping for a second. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has reportedly filed for full custody of his son Collin.

According to a Nov. 6 report by Us Weekly Magazine, Jon Gosselin filed for full physical and legal custody of Collin, who currently lives at a facility which offers inpatient treatment for kids with special needs.

Once Collin is released, Jon believes it would be in the teen’s best interest to come live with him and his daughter, Hannah, instead of returning to live with his mother, Kate Gosselin, and the rest of his siblings, Cara, Maddy, Alexis, Leah, Joel, and Aaden.

Jon’s daughter, Hannah, 14, has been living full time with her father for almost a year now, but he is still battling his ex-wife, Kate, about the living situation.

As many fans know, Collin Gosselin has been a topic of interest and discussion among fans who watched the family’s reality TV series, Kate Plus 8. After Kate revealed that she had sent her son to a facility for special needs children, fans became worried about Collin and noticed that he was missing out on special events such as vacations, birthdays, and more.

Sources are now revealing that Collin is thriving in the program and that Jon Gosselin has very close contact with the staff members at the facility. Meanwhile, the insider also dished on one of the reasons that Collin may be better off with his father, instead of returning to Kate Gosselin’s home.

“Collin is very intelligent. He was always questioning Kate and talking back. Kate doesn’t like that,” the source stated.

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Had a good weekend visit with Collin at home!

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate is allegedly furious that Jon posted a photo of Collin’s weekend visit with his father to social media.

“Kate is furious over Jon’s photos he has posted with Collin. She feels like he was posting just to make her mad and it worked. Kate hates not being in control of the kids and she cannot stand to see Jon with Collin,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The insider went on to add that Jon knew exactly what he was doing by posting the photo of Collin to Instagram and that he anticipated Kate’s reaction.

The source also revealed that as Jon and Kate’s children get older they are beginning to choose sides between their parents and that some of them are leaning towards Jon more than they are Kate, who has been their primary caregiver since the divorce.

It seems that more drama could be ahead between Jon Gosselin and his former wife, Kate Gosselin, if they decide to fight each other on custody of Collin and/or Hannah.