Britney’s Back in the Studio

Britney still working on that comeback, I see. She’s been seen shopping around town– and spending that allowance– but it looks like she’s getting ready to make up for the excess spending. J.R. Rotem, her ex-boyfriend and producer, spilled to People that she’s back in the studio working on a new album:

She’s great… She’s like a master at what she does. She’s a lot more experienced than most people. She just has the ‘it’ factor that not every artist has. So it’s always nice to work with her. She’s trying to find the sound and direction she wants to go in, but nothing is set in stone just yet. She has been playing the piano a lot and just singing. She says she misses ‘just singing.’

If there’s one talent that Britney hasn’t lost, it’s probably her ability to make a good album. I’m curious to see how this year of turbulence will effect her work, though. And what about if she’s pregnant after all? That’s going to throw a wrench into things.