Gabrielle Union & Jessica Alba Post Hilarious Video Encouraging You To Vote In 2018 Midterms, Dancing Included

Pascal Le Segretain / Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba have shared a video on Instagram urging everyone to go out and vote. The actresses are trying to encourage voters to make their voice heard in the 2018 midterm vote. Union and Alba are currently filming L.A.’s Finest but took the time out to encourage citizens to make their marks on the November ballot papers.

Union and Alba are seated next to each other in the video. Union is wearing a gray tank top and jeans, while Alba is sporting an all-black ensemble. At the bottom of the screen, they use the hashtags “vote,” “midterms,” “yourvotematters.”

Union says, “We’re here to talk to you about the importance of voting.”

“Vote for your life.

“Vote like your life and your children’s lives depend on it, because they do.”

They stressed the importance of “getting your vote on” because “you can create the world you want to see, if you vote.” In fact, voting is so important to the superstars that they added a caption to the video. They want fans to take a photo of themselves after they vote and tag either Union or Alba, and then use the hashtag “postthevote.” By following these simple instructions, fans could be featured on their Instagram accounts which is a pretty big deal since Union and Alba respectively have 11 million and 14 million followers.

“What do they say? You can’t complain if you don’t vote.

“And we’re complainers.

“We’re complainers, so we early voted.

“Yeah, we already voted.

“So, we’ve been complaining this whole time because we’ve already voted.”

The stars then follow the pleas with some of their killer dance moves, including the “Running Man” and the “Butterfly Dance.” It seems as if they were inspired to dance after an Instagram post they shared earlier this week went viral.

It appears as if the co-stars were bored during a night shoot for L.A.’s Finest. Dancing to the Lil Bebe Remix by Dani Leigh, the actresses were filmed dancing on the downtown Los Angeles/Boyles Height set, according to Daily Mail.

The video starts off with Union and Alba going up an elevator before breaking into some killer dance moves. However, the stars gave credit where it was due. This time around they praised “2 x Emmy winner” Tym Buacharern for the moves and the makeup. Buacharern has won two Emmy Awards in the makeup category for American Crime Story and Feud. But the makeup artist has another talent in that he used to be one of Janet Jackson’s dancers.

The result is a crazy and funny dance video that shows Union and Alba showing off some fierce moves, and garnered 1.2 million views in the process. It’s no wonder that fans cannot wait for L.A.’s Finest, a TV spinoff of the Bad Boys movie franchise, to hit the screens in 2019.