Gigi Hadid Urges People To Vote Before Heading To ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Fashion Show Fittings

RICH POLKGetty Images

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has proven that she is not only about her good looks but is a responsible citizen, too. She recently posted a video on her Instagram page where she flaunted her beautiful smile to stun her fans and also made a political statement by urging people to vote. The 23-year-old model wore a “Prabal Gurung T-shirt that said “VOTE” in neon letters, per Teen Vogue.

The video in question garnered 217,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments where people praised her for her beauty and appreciated her concern for the country’s future.

“Thank you for sharing the need to vote with your following, it is so important!!!” one of her followers commented on the picture. “GO VOTE PEOPLE!!! YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!” another one wrote on the picture.

The sexy Victoria’s Secret Angel also posted a series of Instagram stories where she urged people to “vote for change” and cited some statistics. She informed her fans and followers that “over 50 percent of the United States is female, but only 20 percent of Congress is female.” In another story, she encouraged young people to vote by saying that “Millennials will make up the largest voting bloc for the first time” in the November elections.

Gigi also said that if “50 percent of voters vote this November, it would be the highest midterm turnout in a century,” and educated people by telling them that “all 435 House Seats and 35 Senate Seats are up for election,” and finished the message with “vote, vote, vote!!!”

With the midterm elections set to take place on November 6, many celebrities have used their social media platforms to urge fans to head to the polls and exercise their basic political right. According to Teen Vogue, singer Taylor Swift made her first-ever political endorsement last month and Ariana Grande has also urged people to vote through her Instagram account.

According to the BBC, other celebrities who have urged their followers to go to the polls include Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Ryan Reynolds. Rihanna has openly said that she will be supporting Andrew Gillum to become Florida’s governor because Gillum is in “favor of turning the minimum wage into a living wage, among other things.”