Sarai Sierra, Mom Who Died In Turkey, Flown Back To New York

Sarai Sierra, the mom who died in Istanbul, Turkey, has been flown back to New York where her family is making funeral preparations.

Steven Sierra, the brokenhearted husband of Sarai Sierra, a Staten Island mom murdered after a Turkish vacation tryst, will remember his slain spouse at a wake on Valentine’s Day.

According to New York Daily News, a devastated Steven spoke to his sons on Thursday before his wife’s body was returned to New York from Istanbul:

“I had to be honest, unfortunately. I told them their mommy got hurt, and she died.”

The two boys were spared the unfit details in the wake of Sarai Sierra’s two-week solo getaway that ended horribly.

Authorities aren’t too concerned about the apparent affair, as State Prosecutor Huseyin Kaplan says:

“We’re not interested in whether she had a sexual relationship. What’s important for us is who killed her.”

Steven Sierra, 40, says he is avoiding media coverage of his wife‘s murder, suggesting he hadn’t seen proof of his wife‘s infidelity.

“I’m not reading anything at all – I’m not, it’s too overwhelming. … It’s a nightmare.”

The family of Sarai Sierra finalized arrangements for her funeral as Turkish Airlines flew her body back to the US. The funeral will be February 15 at Christian Pentecostal Church, where Sarai Sierra met and married Steven. Burial will follow at Silver Mount Cemetery, a few blocks from the family’s apartment. The wake is planned for Valentine’s Day.

According to the Huffington Post, John Rocco Carlo, the pastor of Christian Pentecostal Church, said he advised the family on how to talk with the youngsters:

“With children, it’s very difficult. Fortunately, they have a wonderful family to lean on.”

We feel for Steven and his sons as they mourn the loss of Sarai Sierra, recently flown back to New York.