Kate Gosselin Remains Silent On Son’s Weekend Visit Home As Collin Gosselin Gets Haircut From His Dad’s Barber

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Jon Gosselin is sharing photos from his surprise weekend with his son Collin. The 14-year-old sextuplet, who has been living away from his family as he attends a program for children with special needs, was photographed on his father’s front porch and on a trip to a local barbershop as he reunited with his dad and sextuplet sibling Hannah at their home in Pennsylvania.

On Monday, Jon Gosselin took to Instagram to post a new photo of his smiling son sitting in a barber’s chair at Mike and Joe’s Barber Salon in Reading, Pennsylvania. The dad of eight captioned the sweet pic of Collin and his favorite barber Eric with a thank you to the barber shop ” for welcoming my son Collin home with a fresh new cut.”

The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star went on to reveal that his barber Eric has cut his hair for the past two decades, and he thanked the salon staff for all they have done for his family over the years.

The new pic, which you can see below, comes a few hours after Jon Gosselin’s previous Instagram photo of his kids Collin and Hannah as they stood with him on his front porch. Gosselin captioned that photo by telling fans he and Hannah had a “good weekend visit” with Collin.

As Jon Gosselin posts happy reunion photos with Collin, his mom Kate was noticeably silent. The mom of eight did not post any photos with Collin and did not comment on her ex-husband’s posts about their son. Kate Gosselin has given no indication that Collin is back at her house living with the rest of the family at this time, so it seems that this was indeed just a weekend visit for the boy.

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Had a good weekend visit with Collin at home!

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Kate Gosselin’s most recent Instagram posts were in reference to family birthdays. Twin daughters Mady and Cara turned 18-years-old last month, while the beloved family dog Shoka turned 10 a few days later.

More recently, Mady Gosselin posted a family photo in which she teased a “reunion” with one of her siblings—but it wasn’t Collin. The teen Gosselin daughter posted an Instagram photo of the seven other Gosselin kids at a pumpkin patch, captioning it with, “Fall family pictures.” Mady Gosselin included the hashtags “tradition” and “7/8 reunion,” hinting that the seven siblings hadn’t all been together in a while amid rumors that Hannah Gosselin now lives with their father full time.

Kate Gosselin also posted a comment to the post, writing, “Aww Mad! Just saw this! What a fun time we had together today! I love you all so so much.”

Of course, fans of the reality TV family would love to see a new photo of all eight of the Gosselin kids together. Collin Gosselin has not appeared in a public photo with all seven of his siblings in more than two years.