A Lot Of Changes To Walt Disney World Entertainment Scheduled For This Week's Christmas Parade Taping

Danny Cox

November may have just started, but the holiday spirit is alive in numerous places and that certainly includes Walt Disney World. As reported by Inquisitr, the celebrities, special guests, and air dates have all been revealed for the holiday specials and Disney Parks Christmas day parade, but they won't be live. No, the taping of those specials is starting later this week and the schedule will affect a number of entertainment offerings at multiple parks.

The holiday specials are set to air on ABC and Disney Channel in the second half of November and on Christmas day itself, but they are going to be taped very soon. As a matter of fact, Inquisitr reported that the filming of the specials is happening at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort November 7-11, 2018.

Filming of the parade itself will take place at Disneyland in California. Musical performances will take place there as well, but the majority of them will be at Walt Disney World in Florida and they're going to interfere with some daily happenings at the parks.

Anyone heading to the Walt Disney World parks this weekend needs to be aware that some events won't be going on as scheduled. The majority of the impacts will be felt at Magic Kingdom, and here is all you need to know for your schedules.

As always, times and events are scheduled to change at any given moment, but these things are known for the upcoming week. The official website of Walt Disney World does list showtimes and can always be checked to see if there have been any further changes.