Ashley Graham Flaunts Curvaceous Body For ‘Vogue’ In Stunning River Photo Shoot

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Model Ashley Graham, known for her work with various fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Sports Illustrated, is not shy when it comes to flaunting her curvy figure for her 7.6 million Instagram followers. Now one of the top 10 best-paid models in the world, Ashley proudly breaks the cookie-cutter mold that most models feel pressured to fit into as she strongly supports the body positive movement and doesn’t allow her photos to be retouched.

The model’s newest set of photos feature her kneeling and laying down in a shallow river. She’s wearing an Anne of Green Gables-esque dress complete with corset, long patterned skirt, and a long-sleeve dark-pink button shirt underneath. The model is completely soaked in all three of the photos as she lays on her back and floats on the water. The light from the setting sun bathes the photos in a pink glow, giving them an other-worldly feel.

In the first photo, the model is kneeling on the river bed with her hands smoothing back her wet hair. The second and third photos feature her laying on her back and floating with her eyes closed while the sun’s reflection on the water makes her appear to be glowing.

Ashley’s followers went crazy for the photo shoot, with many of them commenting that the photos were their favorites of her so far.

One follower commented, “Ah so beautiful!!! I think this is my favourite shoot of yours so far! Just stunning!!,” while another wrote, “These photos are so beautiful, Ashley!!! I can’t stop fawning!”

Another user drew attention to the talent of the photographer, writing, “Moment of silence for this beauty and photographer.”

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Vogue Paris☀️

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The model has posted several other photos over the past several days from her two-day shoot with Vogue Paris. Referring to it as her “dream shoot,” Ashley posed in the exotic Mediterranean locale of Corsica for photographer Lachlan Bailey. The photos feature her performing everyday mundane tasks while she makes them look sexy.

According to Vogue Paris, Ashley will give a talk at the third annual Vogue Fashion Festival in partnership with Swarovski on November 10. The activist will share her experience in the fashion world and how she questions the new standards of beauty. The talk, entitled “Ashley Graham: A radiant beauty revolutionary,” will also include commentary on Ashley’s hopes for the fashion industry.

The model’s fans are anxiously awaiting the full spread from the Vogue Paris shoot.