Bristol Palin Of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Opens Up About Having A Stalker For A Decade

Lorenzo BevilaquaABC Press

Bristol Palin and her family are no strangers to stalkers. There have been various incidents over the years with regards to having attracted unwanted attention from members of the public, as many members of the Palin family are very high-profile and controversial figures. However, there is one person in particular whom the Palin daughter will make reference to in Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG.

A brand new sneak peek of the upcoming episode has Bristol Palin revealing that a particular stalker has been terrorizing her for 10 years — and she actually knows what he looks like. The November 5 show is expected to have the mom-of-three moving into her new home in Austin, Texas, amidst her divorce from Dakota Meyer. Their separation and impending divorce is playing out right now on Teen Mom OG, and People has a peek into Monday’s episode.

Bristol is starting over with her new life as a single mom to her three children — Tripp, 9, Sailor Grace, 2, and Atlee Bay, 1. She has moved into a brand new home — and she mentioned in the preview clip how scary that concept is, but how exciting it is at the same time. Her kids seem to be having fun helping to move things into their new abode.

However, the 28-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin got wind of Dakota’s house in Kentucky having been broken into by someone earlier this year. She tells her sister Willow that she is positive that this person is her stalker — the same one that has been harassing her for 10 years.

“So last night was my first night in the house, and I got a text message pretty late from Dakota saying that his house had got broken into. His Kentucky house. I swear to God, it was the stalker,” she tells her shocked sister via a video call.

Palin explained that the suspect was caught on camera, and that it is definitely her stalker’s face. She confirmed that it has been 10 years of poor sleep for her, due to the constant threat that she has been under.

Mom Sarah Palin spoke out this past summer about having many stalkers, as reported by the Daily Mail. Her family had apparently been tormented for years by a man named Shawn Christy — who they believe to be the same person who had broken into Dakota Meyer’s home. He is said to have been following her daughters around — and threatening them — particularly Bristol. He has since been found, and was taken into custody in September.

His name may come up on tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode. Everything about Bristol Palin and her past and present life is airing out on reality TV. Catch her and the rest of the teen moms on Monday nights on MTV.