Sweet Brown Stars In Local Dentist Commercial, Will Appear In Tyler Perry Film

Kim LaCapria

Sweet Brown, the woman who became virally famous due to a humorous video in which she describes a local fire to a news reporter (uttering the now-famed catchphrases "oh, Lord Jesus, it's a fire," and "ain't nobody got time for that"), has been steadily pulling web references since the clip became huge -- but the cheery lady whose happiest-fire-ever story captivated the web may see her star power increase.

Sweet Brown recently poked fun at her internet infamy in a local commercial for a dentist, clip below, explaining that while "ain't nobody got time for [toothaches]," same day appointments are something for which everybody got time.

But the late-night ad circuit doesn't seem to be the last we will see of Sweet Brown, as she's starting to catch the eye of Hollywood. (Beyonce herself referred back to the clip after her Super Bowl show power outage, quipping "oh, Lord Jesus, it's a fire!")

For some reason, Sweet Brown's impending fame seems to thrill the normally fickle and cynical web, and news that her star power appears to be waxing rather than waning was surprisingly well-received. One commenter on Gawker said:

"She is FAR more tolerable than 99.9998% of all celebrities."

sweet brown 2013

Below is the Sweet Brown interview from last April that started it all, as well as Beyonce's Super Bowl Sweet Brown impression. Would you like to see this viral star headed for a bigger and better place in pop culture?