Donald Trump Would Lose To Every Top Female Democrat In 2020, According To ‘Axios’ Poll

President Donald Trump
Oliver Contreras-Pool / Getty Images

A new, exclusive new poll from Axios shows that President Donald Trump would lose to any top female Democrat in 2020.

The Axios poll shows that the president has a problem with women headed into the next presidential election coming up in roughly two years. The survey examined the president’s likely voters vs. the likely voters of Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren.

Obama came in on top with a 13 point lead followed closely by Winfrey who the poll showed came out 12 points ahead of Trump. Even Clinton fared well with a lead of five points while Warren, who recently sparred with Trump over her Native American Heritage yet again, topped him by two points.

Currently, 64% of women view President Trump unfavorably, which means he has a woman problem. However, a recent Inquisitr report showed that a group of white women claimed to love Trump with one even admitting in a Times interview that her feelings are abnormal.

“I have an infatuation and a love for this man that’s not normal,” said another Times interview subject, Rachell Marks, 59, from Billings, Montana. “I give the highest respect when people are telling the truth and giving their political power. If anything, I have a deeper respect now.”

Of course, the fact-checking numbers show that if Trump were Pinocchio, his nose would be exceptionally long by now with a documented 6,420 “false or misleading claims” in less than two years in office.

After Tuesday’s midterm election, the 2020 presidential race will begin in earnest, and there’s an expectation that Democrats will focus on their top female candidates. Unfortunately for the party, it appears as if both Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey have no plans of throwing their hats into the ring to run for president.

Among registered voters, Trump’s favorability is at 40 percent. Even lesser known potential candidates like Harris and Klobuchar have the edge over Trump the poll indicates. Both those women are more likely to run for president, and they outdo President Trump by ten and nine points respectively.

African American women and millennials overwhelming indicate that they would vote anyone but Trump in the next presidential election. However, voter turnout remains the deciding factor in the upcoming elections, which are likely to end up being close. Historically, both groups are less reliable at going to vote.

Whoever ends up running against Trump in 2020 must be prepared to endure name calling and personal attacks against them much as Senator Elizabeth Warren experienced with Trump’s “Pocahontas” taunting. Although Warren released her DNA results proving that she has a Native American ancestor, in all, the situation played into the president’s hands.